Updated MLS Player Movement

Updated MLS Player Movement

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 17, 2008

Okay, time for the weekly update in player movement. A few transactions this week but nothing too major.

Here is what went down, I know a couple more things were reported but I wanted to wait on them before I got full confirmation on them…

(SJ) INCOMING: Ramiro Corrales – via transfer Brann (Norway)
(LA) TRADE: Quavas Kirk – DC United
(DC) TRADE: Greg Vanney – LA Galaxy
(FCD) INCOMING: Andre Rocha – loan Clube Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)
(LA) OUTGOING: Ty Harden – retirement
(NY) INCOMING: Oscar Echeverry – via free transfer Atletico Nacional (Columbia)
(RSL) INCOMING: Nat Borchers – via transfer Odd Grenland (Norway)

As always, if something is missing or out of place feel free to comment and I will fix it as soon as I can….
Chicago Fire:
Patrick Nyarko – via SuperDraft
Dominic Cervi – via SuperDraft
Peter Lowry – via SuperDraft
Dwight Barnett – via SuperDraft
Stephen King – via SuperDraft
Austin Washington – via SuperDraft
Andy Herron – Columbus Crew (trade)
Kai Kasiguran – via Supplemental Draft
Adrian Bumbut – via Supplemental Draft
Zach Pope – via Supplemental Draft
Steve Bode – via Supplemental Draft
Tim Conway – via Supplemental Draft
Melford James, Jr. – via Supplemental Draft

Pablo Wanchope – retired
Chris Armas – retired
Ivan Guerreo – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Jim Curtin – Chivas USA (trade)
Matt Pickens – via free transfer Queen’s Park Rangers (England)

Chivas USA:
Atiba Harris – Real Salt Lake (trade)
Alecko Eskandarian – Real Salt Lake (trade)
Keith Savage – via SuperDraft
Jim Curtin – Chicago Fire (trade)
Kraig Chiles – via Supplemental Draft
Javier Ayala-Hil – via Supplemental Draft
El-Hadj Cisse – via Supplemental Draft
Andre Sherard – via Supplemental Draft
Raphaλl Wicky – transfer FC Sion (Switzerland)

Jason Hernandez – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Preston Burpo – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
David Arvizu – waived
Carlos Llamosa – waived
Desmond Brooks – waived
Mohammed Sethi – waived
Carlos Borja – waived
Orlando Perez – waived
Justin Myers – waived
Eder Robles – waived
Ramon Nunez – waived
Rodrigo Lopez – waived
Erasmo Solorzano – waived
Laurent Merlin – waived

Colorado Rapids:
Jose Burciaga Jr. – Kansas City Wizards (trade)
Ciaran O’Brien – via SuperDraft
Adrian Chevannes – via SuperDraft
Brian Grazier – via SuperDraft
Scott Campbell – via SuperDraft
Chase Hilgenbrinck – free transfer from Ρublense (Chile)
Kevin Forrest – via Supplemental Draft
Cesar Zambrano – via Supplemental Draft
Mike Graczyk – via Supplemental Draft
Daniel Antunez – via Supplemental Draft
Christian Gomez – DC United (trade)

Daniel Osorno – retired
Zach Thornton – waived
Jose Cancela – waived
Tony Sanneh – waived

Columbus Crew:
Brain Carroll –San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Andy Iro – via SuperDraft
George Josten- via SuperDraft
Ricardo Pierre-Louis – via SuperDraft
Steven Lenhart – via SuperDraft
Billy Chiles – via Supplemental Draft
Cory Elenio – via Supplemental Draft
Lukasz Tumicz – via Supplemental Draft
Zola Short – via Supplemental Draft

Ned Grabavoy – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Kei Kamara – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Ben Hunter – waived
Andy Herron – Chicago Fire (trade)
Marcos Gonzalez – via transfer Universidad Catolica (Chile)
Brandon Moss – retired

DC United:
Zach Wells – Houston Dynamo (trade)
Andrew Jacobson – via SuperDraft
Ryan Cordeiro – via SuperDraft
Tony Schmitz – via SuperDraft
Franco Niell – Argentinos Juniors (loan)
Gonzalo Martinez – Millonarios (transfer)
Brandon Owens – via Supplemental Draft
Dan Stratford – via Supplemental Draft
James Thorpe – via Supplemental Draft
Gonzalo Peralta – via transfer Club Almirante Brown (Argentina)
Marcelo Gallardo – via transfer Paris Saint-Germain (France)
Quavis Kirk – LA Galaxy (trade)

Brain Carroll – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Brad North – waived
Shawn Crowe – waived
Mira Mupier – waived
Bobby Boswell – Houston Dynamo (trade)
Troy Perkins – transfer to Valerenga IF (Norway)
Jay Nolly – free transfer to Vancouver (USL-1)
Nicholas Addlery- free transfer to Vancouver (USL-1)
Bryan Arguez – transfer to Hertha Berlin (Germany)
Andrew Jacobson – signed with Lorient (France) — never signed with DC
Christian Gomez – Colorado Rapids (trade)
Greg Vanney – LA Galaxy (trade)

FC Dallas:
Duilio Davino – free transfer (previously w/ Club America (Mexico))
Brek Shea – via SuperDraft
Josh Lambo – via SuperDraft
Eric Avila – via SuperDraft
Ryan Miller – via SuperDraft
Jamil Roberts – via SuperDraft
Ben Nason – via SuperDraft
Yannick Reyering – via Supplemental Draft
Ben Shuleva – via Supplemental Draft
Andre Rocha – loan Clube Atletico Paranaense (Brazil)

Clarence Goodson – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Shaka Hislop – retired
Sebastian Botero – waived
Denilson – option not picked up (club has offered him another deal at a lower price tag)
Carlos Ruiz – LA Galaxy (trade)
Sandy Gbandi – waived (club stated he would not be coming back for a try out)
Chris Gbandi – transfer FK Haugesund (Norway)

Houston Dynamo:

Bobby Boswell – DC United (trade)
Geoff Cameron – via SuperDraft
Jeremy Barlow – via SuperDraft
Johnny Alcaraz – via Supplemental Draft
Craig Thompson – via Supplemental Draft
Kieran Hall – via Supplemental Draft
James Georgeff – via Supplemental Draft
Tony Caig – free transfer via Gretna (Scotland)

Ryan Cochrane – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Kenneth Hoerner – waived
Jordan James – waived
Zach Wells – DC United (trade)
Joseph Ngwenya – SK Austria (transfer)
Paul Dalglish – waived
Nate Jaqua – via transfer SCR Altach (Austria)

Kansas City Wizards:
Chance Myers – via SuperDraft
Roger Espinoza – via SuperDraft
Yomby William – via SuperDraft
Jonathan Leathers – via SuperDraft
Matt Marquess – via SuperDraft
Rauwshan McKenzie – via SuperDraft
Pat Healey – via Supplemental Draft
Vincente Arze – via Supplemental Draft
Tom Gray – via Supplemental Draft
Andrew Kartunen – via Supplemental Draft

Edson Edcock – waived
A.J. Godbolt – waived
Chris Konokpa – waived
Willy Guadaramma – waived
Nick Garcia – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Jose Burciaga Jr. – Colorado Rapids (trade)
Eddie Johnson – Fulham (England, transfer)

LA Galaxy:
Clint Mathis – New York Red Bulls (trade)
Carlos Ruiz – FC Dallas (trade)
Sean Franklin – via SuperDraft
Ely Allen – via SuperDraft
Julian Valentin – via SuperDraft
Matt Allen – via SuperDraft
Brendon McDonald – via SuperDraft
Matt Hatzke – via SuperDraft
Michael Gavin – via Supplemental Draft
Charles Alamo – via Supplemental Draft
Greg Folk – via Supplemental Draft
Daniel De Geer – via Supplemental Draft
Celestine Babayaro – free transfer from Newcastle (England)
Greg Vanney – DC United (trade)

Cobi Jones – retired
Gavin Glinton – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Mike Caso – waived
Lance Friesz – waived
Carlos Pavon – waived
Kyle Veris – waived
Joe Cannon – San Jose Earthquakes (trade)
Clint Mathis – Ergotelis (Greece on transfer)
Chris Albright – New England Revolution (trade)
Ty Harden – retirement
Quavis Kirk – DC United (trade)

New England Revolution:
Chris Albright – LA Galaxy (trade)
Rob Valentino – via SuperDraft
Michael Videira – via SuperDraft
Joe Germanese – via SuperDraft
Matthew Britner – via SuperDraft
Spencer Wadsworth – via SuperDraft
Mkokheli Dube – via Supplemental Draft
Chris Tierney – via Supplemental Draft
Kyle Altman – via Supplemental Draft
Saidi Isaac – via Supplemental Draft
Mauricio Castro – via transfer Olimpia (Honduras)

James Riley – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Marshall Leonard – waived
Miguel Gonzalez – waived
Chris Loftus – waived
Brian Bryne – waived
Andy Dorman – St. Mirren (Scotland on free transfer)
Willie Simms – waived
Pat Noonan – Aalesund SK (Norway on free transfer)

New York Red Bulls:
Zach Thornton – Colorado Rapids (signed after being waived)
Eric Brunner – via SuperDraft
Luke Sassano – via SuperDraft
David Roth – via SuperDraft
Danleigh Borman – via Supplemental Draft
Michael Palacio – via Supplemental Draft
John Gilkerson – via Supplemental Draft
Manuel Laurent – via Supplemental Draft
Oscar Echeverry – via free transfer Atletico Nacional (Columbia)

Ronald Waterreus – retired
Markus Schopp – retired
Clint Mathis – LA Galaxy (trade)
Joe Vide – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Blake Camp – waived
Santino Quaranta – waived
Sal Caccavale – waived
Randi Patterson – waived
Chris Karcz – waived

Real Salt Lake
Anthony Beltran – via SuperDraft
David Horst – via SuperDraft
Alex Nimo – via SuperDraft
Brennan Tennelle – via SuperDraft
Ian Joy – St Pauli (transfer)
Tino Nunez – via Supplemental Draft
Kevin Reiman – via Supplemental Draft
Kenechukwe (Kenny) Anaba – via Supplemental Draft
Nat Borchers – via transfer Odd Grenland (Norway)

Eddie Pope – retired
Chris Brown – waived (later signed by Portland Timbers)
Steven Curfman – waived
Christian Jimenez – wavied
Jean-Martial Kipre – waived
Jack Stewart – waived
Atiba Harris – Chivas USA (trade)
Alecko Eskandarian – Chivas USA (trade)
Jamie Watson – waived

San Jose Earthquakes:
Preston Burpo – Chivas USA (trade)
Kei Kamara – Columbus Crew (trade)
Joe Vide – New York Red Bulls via expansion draft
James Riley – New England Revolution via expansion draft
Gavin Glinton – LA Galaxy via expansion draft
Clarence Goodson – FC Dallas via expansion draft
Ivan Gurerro – Chicago Fire via expansion draft
Brian Carroll – DC United via expansion draft
Ned Grabavoy – Columbus Crew via expansion draft
Ryan Cochrane – Houston Dynamo via expansion draft
Jason Hernandez – Chivas USA via expansion draft
Chris Pozniak – Toronto FC via expansion draft
Joe Cannon – LA Galaxy (trade)
Nick Garcia – Kansas City Wizards (trade)
Shea Salinas – via SuperDraft
Adam Smarte – via Supplemental Draft
Tim Bohnenkamp – via Supplemental Draft
Greg Curry – via Supplemental Draft
Tim Jepsen – via Supplemental Draft
Ramiro Corrales – via transfer Brann (Norway)

Brain Carroll – Columbus Crew (trade)
Clarence Goodson – IK Start (Norway – free transfer)

Toronto FC:
Julius James – via SuperDraft
Pat Phelan – via SuperDraft
Mike Zaher – via SuperDraft
Brian Edwards – via SuperDraft
Joseph Lapira – via SuperDraft
Xavier Balc – via Supplemental Draft

Chris Pozniak – San Jose Earthquakes via expansion draft
Adam Braz – waived
Maycoll Canizalez – waived
Srdjan Djekanovic – waived
David Guzman – waived
Stephen Lumley – waived
Cristian Nunez – waived
Marco Reda – waived
Kenny Stamatopoulos – Loan term ended, returned to Tromsψ IL (Norway)