Revs Looking at a Pair of Costa Ricans

Revs Looking at a Pair of Costa Ricans

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 14, 2008

Good morning to all on this Valentine’s Day. I got a little bit of a late start today but nonetheless I do have a little bit to report for the time being, and no I won’t go into the DC United stadium issue that I saw pop up again last night all over the web. If you want my take on it ask me again in two years when they begin construction on the project because that seems to be where it is going right now.

Anyways, what I do have right now centers around the three-time eastern conference champions and current US Open Cup winners, the New England Revolution. They are Bermuda for preseason training and are looking at a pair of players to join their team this season. We all know that a few weeks ago Steve Nicol went on a little scouting trip in this area and that Costa Rica was one of his stops.

The first is CD Saprissa defender Gabriel Badilla. The 23-year-old defender played for the Ticos in the 2006 World Cup in Germany for those who may recall the name. The only snag is right now the two sides are trying to work out a deal but from what Goff and others out there have said things don’t look too good for Badilla joining the club.

I honestly think that the Revs need to step up and really give this kid a solid offer to join. Many people figure this guy to be a very good defender for his age after seeing him in the FIFA World Club Cup back in 2005 for Saprissa.

New England is in their typical low-ball offering for a player here, which is kind of getting annoying if you ask me and I am not even a Revs fan. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them miss this chance at Badilla and even this next kid.

Costa Rica U-20 national team and Santos forward Argenis Fernandez (some reports have this kid playing for Puntarenas FC but they obviously can’t read or do their research to figure out he doesn’t play there, needless to say I was pretty ticked to see a couple sites out there with false info on him; sorry for the mini rant here). The 20-year-old could be a great addition from what some people are telling me to the depth at forward for the Revs. Though his transfer fee would be $200,000; a figure I highly doubt the Revs would go for to land Santos’s leading scorer.

Fernandez isn’t a big guy at all, so it would be interesting to see how they would use him if they were to sign him. He’s only 5’6″ and a mean 133 in weight. Honestly he’d have to bulk up some to play in the MLS but then again he could have some crafty speed that could really do some damage to other MLS clubs if he came.

So what do you make of these two guys Revs fans? You want them or not? And should your club actually give them decent offers and not some low-ball effort?