Wednesday Morning Rumors

Wednesday Morning Rumors

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 13, 2008

Good morning to you all, got a few things that I am working on here but below are some things out there for all to read and comment about. A couple are possible deals, maybes that probably won’t amount to anything since its a couple players on trial with certain MLS clubs.

One that I will start out with is not a maybe, its a done deal. FC Dallas has linked up with partner club Clube Atletico Paranaense in Brazil again to sign a player on loan. That player is one that many Dallas fans are well aware of for some time now since it had been talked about for a couple weeks that he would be coming, he is midfielder Andre Rocha.

Rocha will be joining the club once his visa work gets taken care of in the next week or so.

The 23-year-old is already getting a lot of praise from his new coach Steve Morrow:

“He’s a very talented player and we believe he’s going to have a big impact, not just with our team, but within the league this year,” he said.

Honestly, its a deal that makes perfect sense for Dallas after the success of players like Juan Toja and Pablo Ricchetti of last year. Getting young talent from South America appears to be what works well with clubs right now in the MLS. Rocha will be a good fit for Dallas due to his ability to play in different spots. Even though he is listed as a midfielder I wouldn’t doubt to see him play on the flank or even in the back this year. All depends on where Morrow really wants him and where he fits.

Another guy that seems to be a sure bet these days to return to the MLS is former Colorado defender Nat Borchers. The 26-year-old has been in Norway for the past couple of seasons with Odd Grenland and has been linked to a return to the MLS.

No word on if his former club Colorado even still holds his player rights. My guess is when he left for Norway he was out of contract with the MLS and thus meaning the Rapids aren’t left with a thing to show for.

Some are saying that Real Salt Lake is looking to land their rival’s former defender. A move like that makes sense but for now we will wait and see. Honestly a club like RSL could use a guy like Borchers but I wouldn’t mind seeing him elsewhere like in New York or Columbus.

And too, I honestly don’t even remember this guy so I couldn’t tell you what kind of impact he would even have on a club right now. I just hope he doesn’t yield a ridiculous contract with the league since he is returning from Norway.


Speaking of the return to MLS department, I’m sure most of you saw yesterday that the New York Red Bulls called in former Miami Fusion striker Diego Serna. Yes, I said Diego Serna. A name most should recall if you have been following this league long enough.

The 34-year-old Columbian is currently training with the team and also plays for Brazilian 3rd division side Nacional Fast Clube. This guy paved the way for the guys like Carlos Ruiz of the MLS when it comes to constant diving and foul-play. Serna, who scored plenty of goals for the Fusion spent more time diving than scoring, which really says a lot.

Four years with the Fusion he scored 52 goals and tallied 36 assists. Solid production if you ask me but once the Fusion were contracted, so where his playing days in the MLS.

Honestly, New York can do much better than this guy if you ask me but then again this is the land of second chances so you just never know. All I know is this isn’t the kind of guy I would want on my team.


A couple more things I am hearing:

Craig Bellamy possibly to Toronto this summer once the English season is over. Doesn’t sound too far fetch to me giving Bellamy’s relationship with new Toronto coach John Carver. This is the kind of rumor that will be put on the back burner to simmer for a few months. By summer we will know if it has any legs or not to it.

Wason Renteria, a 22-year-old Columbian striker may be on his way to New York. Some are saying it is a done deal, I haven’t gotten any real word from any of my sources on this one though. But if the rumor is true it looks like New York has some insurance for whenever Jozy Altidore leaves.

Emmanuel Ekpo, a 22-year-old Nigerian midfielder who plays for Enyimba FC of the Nigerian Premier League, is hoping to get a deal in MLS. Currently he is on trial with the Crew. Honestly, like I said last week the MLS needs to look at these guys from Africa. There is loads of talent that hasn’t been discovered over there yet and if the Crew can land a gem in Ekpo then we could start to see something start up over there with the league.