US and England to Faceoff at Wemby

US and England to Faceoff at Wemby

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 11, 2008

According to reports coming out of England, the U.S. national team is being lined up to face England at Wembley Stadium on May 28.

Currently ranked No. 12 in the world by FIFA, England qualifies as the Top 20 opponent U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati stated the U.S. team was in talks to play prior to its friendly against Spain. The US will face Spain on June 4 at a site in Europe yet to be determined.

If true this would mark the first meeting between the two sides since their Chicago friendly of 2005 that saw England beat the US 2-1.

Think of this, before qualifying for the World Cup the US will possibly have played in barely six months the likes of Sweden, Mexico, England, Spain and maybe even Argentina (a game being rumored in the US). A whole hell of a lot better than the US warming up with what they did in 2006 when they played Morocco, Venezuela and Latvia before the World Cup.

As good as it sounds to play all of those countries before qualifying is; will those countries or ones as good or near in FIFA ranking to those be willing to play the US before the next World Cup. In a way I still blame the US for playing a crappy warm up schedule before the World Cup for their lack of success. Who would have imagined the US playing counties like this in a short time, those England, Spain and Argentina matches are all within a couple weeks of one another. I for one cannot wait!

What do you all make of these friendlies for this year?