MLS Drops the Ball on Signing Seton Hall Player

MLS Drops the Ball on Signing Seton Hall Player

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 8, 2008

I remember reading a report about All Big East forward from Seton Hall Eliseo Giusfredi in his persuit of signing with the league before the MLS SuperDraft last month.

Apparently the league couldn’t work out a deal to sign him as a Generation adidas player or just a regular draftee due to what the MLS determined that his lack of American citizenship or a green card made him a player the league couldn’t sign. Kind of shaddy if you ask me that a kid who has lived in the US for about seven years couldn’t sign with the league as an international player.

Now Giusfredi is leaving Seton Hall and is signing with Russian club Spartak Moscow. He will join the club in the coming days once a deal is finalized.

While at Seton Hall he scored 30 goals and 15 assists in three seasons. Last year he earned All Big East honors after scoring 10 goals and eight assists in only 16 games. That’s pretty good production in the Big East.

Honestly, this is a bad move for the league. I’ve seen this kid play and I can honestly say he would have been a good goal scorer in the league. I can’t say he would have been a first round pick or even a top pick but he would have definitely been a solid pick-up for any club in the league.

He wanted to play in the MLS and get a chance to support his family back in Argentina but the league decided not to sign him. Also he wanted to stay in the US but now will go to Europe instead.

Giusfredi is a native of Argentina and product of the River Plate youth academy; he came to the US while he was in high school in New Jersey (one year with Eastside, three more with St. Joseph, Montvale).

Way to go MLS, you’ve dropped the ball on signing a quality player again. The league needs to get better at signing kids that actually want to play in their league regardless of their international status. Its really a pitty that they couldn’t work out a deal for him and even work out a way to help get him a green card.