Mina Back With Dallas?

Mina Back With Dallas?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 8, 2008

Forgive me for the late start today. Yesterday was my birthday so I took most of the evening and night off from even looking at soccer stuff online, same went for getting in touch with a few sources about certain things.

Anyways, back to business, it appears that FC Dallas has re-sign Roberto Mina on loan, that at least is according to Steve Goff. No word here in Dallas on if he really has re-signed with the team as the club has yet to announce anything.

In a way that is a good thing since Dallas has a lack of depth at the attacking positions right now. But Mina is coming back from a MCL surgery back in May of last year. He’s been a bit of an injury prone player over the last two years. He missed nearly all of the 2007 season and missed a good portion of the 2006 season with a tear in the same left medial meniscus.

I honestly didn’t think Dallas would re-sign the 23-year old forward this year due to those injuries but I guess he is coming back with good faith that he stuck out those injuries and worked hard to come back. Honestly, that is nice of Dallas but still a bad move in my mind as I just don’t think the kid will be able to regain form that he once had before those two injuries. Plus I believe he will take up an international player spot on the roster, which means the club will not be able to go out and get one of the few players they are looking at signing at the moment. Thus meaning Dallas is taking a player coming off a couple of knee injuries over a guy that may be in season form already.

Mina joined Dallas on loan from Club Deportivo El Nacional of the Ecuadorian Seria A in April 2005. In his first season with the Hoops, he scored seven goals and added four assists in 21 games played. The next year he played in 16 games before the first MCL injury but before that he had three goals and one assist on the season.

Well Hoops fan, good move or bad to bring Mina back?