Gomes to (Finally) Sign With Colorado

Gomes to (Finally) Sign With Colorado

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 7, 2008

So we ended up being a couple days off on this but still it was going to happen nonetheless. I got word this morning from a source and then got even more confirmation when Steve Goff wrote about it that Christian Gomez will sign with the Colorado Rapids today.

The deal will have DC trade the MLS rights to Colorado, which sources say the Rapids offered Gomez two guaranteed years for about $400,000 annually plus bonuses and incentives. What DC gets in return hasn’t been said yet but still the guessing game of picks and allocation is what we are all expecting here.

Good deal I think for both sides. Sure DC fans may miss someone who is already experienced in the MLS game like Gomez but I think Marcelo Gallardo will soon help fill that void. Rapids fans finally have something to look forward to if you ask me, they get the playmaker that they have been looking to find for a few years.

What do you all make of this deal now that it is finally going to happen?