Altidore Almost Sent To Reading

Altidore Almost Sent To Reading

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 6, 2008

I must say, after reading this from Ives a bit ago, the MLS and New York Red Bulls showed their secrecy once more on how they handle the media.

But you read the title correctly, Jozy Altidore was nearly sold to EPL side Reading last month during the transfer window. As Ives put it:

The bid was one of the best kept secrets of January and Altidore came close to joining fellow Americans Marcus Hahnemann and Bobby Convey at the club.

Seriously, no one, not even Ives knew about it. When either Steve Goff or Ives fail to hear about a transfer or a deal, you know the league is keeping it under tight wraps.

According to Ives and his sources, Reading had been scouting Altidore for more than two years and made a serious bid, which Altidore was strongly considering. But, when the EPL-side failed to sale one of it’s players during the transfer window, it may have caused the potential deal for Altidore to fall apart.

Altidore appears committed to the MLS and to the Red Bulls but you can almost bet he will be courted even more come this summer. He had already been scouted by Real Madrid this winter as well, though Reading did sound like a better deal for him in terms of actual playing time and maybe even money.

Anyone as shocked by this as I am? This could have been a big deal for him and a tough break for the league. Then agian, whenever he does leave the MLS it will be a tough blow to his club and the league.