Gomez To Colorado Almost Done

Gomez To Colorado Almost Done

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 4, 2008

I got several reports and emails about this over the weekend thanks to some readers and a couple sources. It looks as though the Christian Gomez to Colorado deal is nearing it’s completion and could even be announced sometime today.

A couple minor things have to be cleared up first but it should happen today.

The contract would be guaranteed for two years and pay the former league MVP in the neighborhood of $400,000 annually — the maximum without needing to use a designated player spot — with incentives and bonuses pushing it toward the $500K per year mark he has been pursuing. Notice the without needing to use a designated player spot part. DC had wanted it in the deal but the Rapids did not want to include it.

Once the deal is finalized, Colorado will then execute the trade with DC for Gomez’s rights. United should be getting lots of allocation and a draft pick or two out of this deal. No players. We still could see a DP traded in this but it is very unlikely as one source put it to me yesterday.

Again, the deal should be reached today, and once it is I will pass that information along to you all.

UPDATE: Still waiting as of 6:30 pm CST. Looks like it may be tomorrow after all according to one source familiar with the situation. Apparently there are still a couple details being ironed out right now between the two sides.