Early Happy Hour: Gomez, Zurawski, & More

Early Happy Hour: Gomez, Zurawski, & More

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 1, 2008

Happy Friday to you all, hope everyone has big plans for the weekend.

A few things out there this afternoon around the league. Some teams working on deals, while others see deals fall through.

Starting up in Columbus. The Crew will not be landing Polish striker Maciej Zurawski. Apparently he has signed with Greek club Larissa. Columbus was looking to sign the Polish captain as their first designated player. But according to some sources around Dallas, the Crew may have not been the only MLS club after Zurawski. FC Dallas apparently made a play for him and were in serious discussions with the striker after the club traded Carlos Ruiz to the LA Galaxy.

Only thing with the Hoops, they weren’t looking to add him as a DP. Which didn’t work out for Zurawski and his crew, they wanted more and that’s where Columbus came in as they were more interested in signing him for more. But the difference came down to around $200k in the transfer fee. Hunt Sports and the Crew didn’t want to pay that money and thus Zurawski signed in Greece instead.


The latest in the Christian Gomez situation, it appears that Gomez is near a trade to Colorado.

My sources tell me Colorado has offered him a two-year, guaranteed contract with a base salary of at least $400,000 and incentives that could bring his total close to $500,000 per season that he has desired all along. Gomez is apparently close to agreeing to the deal.

Once a deal goes through, the Rapids will acquire the rights to Gomez. DC will get plenty in terms of compensation, word has it they will get plenty of allocation and draft picks.

A deal should be announced in the next few days.

UPDATE: An anonymous source within MLS’ NY Offices is telling me that the deal will be for Colorado’s DP spot for two years and a draft pick or two. Verrrry interesting development on that if that is the case. More on this to come.


Some SuperLiga news now for ya.

Steve Goff is reporting that DC, Houston, Chivas and New England are all set to participate in the $1 million competition this summer.

From what I hear as well the Mexican opponents and the match dates should be unveiled sometime in March.

Goff also is reporting that the MLS slate, which is expected to be releases in the next week or so should be a little lighter again for the clubs participating in the competition.

What I am also hearing is that MLS will again lighten the regular season schedule for those four clubs around the time of the tournament. Speaking of the regular season, the latest target date for release of the complete schedule is apparently next Thursday, but that could change. I do know that DCU is tenatively scheduled to play its two matches with Real Salt Lake within a couple weeks of each other early in the season.

Once the schedule is released I will post my thoughts on it and hopefully we can get some real insight to how the MLS will respond to all the extra competitions this season.


This could be it until Sunday when I post the updated player movement, but if anything good comes up I will let you all in on it.