Guzan Denied Work Permit

Guzan Denied Work Permit

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 31, 2008

Probably what was a more surprising news to hear, but US National Team and Chivas USA keeper Brad Guzan was denied a UK work permit to join Aston Villa on a $4 million transfer today.

Sources say Guzan was denied a work permit after a panel in England ruled on Thursday that he did not meet the requirements to receive one. Tough break for the kid really as even though he has not seen enough National team action to easily qualify for a permit, many thought he’d be able to obtain one.

It now seems that Guzan will play out the 2008 season with Chivas, which happens to be the final year of his current contract with the Goats and the league.

Honestly, the league needs to do everything it can to get him to transfer in the summer instead of losing out on a transfer fee all together next winter in my mind. I know Chivas fans won’t want to hear that but its the best for both sides really. The Goats and the league cannot afford to lose out on such a quality keeper in that situation that he doesn’t re-sign with the league and goes abroad on a free transfer. That would be a lose-lose situation for the league.

Chivas fans can rest for now though on their keeper situation. They do need some work though on the rest of their side, not to mention they still need a quality backup for Guzan.

Lots of work for Preki to do and quite frankly he needs to get to work on getting this team back in the 2007 summer form for the new season ahead.