Wizard’s John to Danish Club

Wizard’s John to Danish Club

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 29, 2008

Not the biggest news of the world but on a day where DC presents it’s first designated player, the rest of the MLS world sits quietly as the transfer window is quickly coming to a close.

But reports out of KC say that the Wizards have lost another player, but not one that did any real wonders like Eddie Johnson. This time however, they have lost Will John to Randers FC in Denmark (props to Oz City for the translation provided).

…in the day’s version of Ekstra Bladet you can read that the three test players Lee Nguyen (21 years), Will John (22) and Alain Behi (29) apparently have pleased Colin Todd as much that they are to be rewarded with permanent contracts.

Again, John never really made his mark in KC when he came over from the Fire but it is good to see another player impress over seas and get a chance at playing in Europe, even if it is in the Danish league. And from what I hear as well, the Wizards will not be getting any kind of transfer fee for John in this, not that they don’t need money right now after the Johnson transfer to Fulham.

The Wizards still need some offense if you ask me and they haven’t even made a big enough splash out there to get anyone. I know they have some Columbian or South American coming over but will he really be enough?