Monday Kicker: Guzan to Villa, Gallardo, and Twellman

Monday Kicker: Guzan to Villa, Gallardo, and Twellman

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 28, 2008

Almost thought I was going to get a late start to the day but here we are, in the final week of the winter transfer window. Lots of action is already starting to pick up here in the week as teams are trying to vye for a player or two before the window closes.

I was planning on doing a team-by-team grade or analysis of how things are going so far this off-season but I may hold off until the end of the week for that to see how things go once the transfer window closes.

Anyways, plenty of goodies for you this morning, the first centers around Chivas USA keeper Brad Guzan.

Even though Guzan went for a formal trial session with Scottish powers Celtic a few days back, the club only put a weak bid out for his services, a bid that the MLS would probably balk at and turn down. From what I was told they only offered a £1 million pound bid for him. Which of course would be a little over two million in US dollars but probably not goo enough for the MLS by their standards.

But over the weekend EPL side Aston Villa put a bid out to out-do the Scottish club, their bid was £2.2 million or $4.4 million.

Not bad eh? A couple more million for Guzan sure sounds like a good idea to me. Question is, would he really go to Villa at that price or would the league hold on to him until the summer to see if the price can indeed go up?

With the MLS and the way the work it wouldn’t at all surprise me to see them do such a thing. Turn down the better offer and hope for one this summer. And too, I kind of think this news is totally out of the blue. I don’t know the keeper situation at Villa but I would imagine if they are indeed going after a keeper like Guzan then they would be unloading what they have in net right now.

Might not be seeing Guzan leave just yet I am afraid for those who think it will happen this week. I think we will be waiting until summer for this kind of move. That of course if the MLS accepts Celtic’s offer or Celtic ups the offer to counter this presumed Villa bid.


The wonderful Steve Goff has reported as of last night that Marcelo Gallardo is indeed in DC and would be in the process of finalizing the deal with the club. Having him there is a solid sign of progress in this, I still question if he will be the right piece to the puzzle but with the influx of players this summer for United, they should be in solid shape.

But what remains of Christian Gomez is still the question of the week. He wants to stay in the MLS but he has received offers from a club in the Middle East. Still the MLS and someone needs to come up with a deal so both sides do not lose out on a potential transfer fee if he were to leave for the Middle East. Gomez is as close to being a free agent in MLS terms as you can get.

I did receive a couple emails and a comment about the potential sites for Gomez over the weekend. I tried to explain the Houston situation for some but I really don’t know if you all understood so I will try again.

Houston would love, I mean love to see Gomez in their midfield, they would, but the thing is the most important thing that the Dynamo need right now is cap space. They don’t have enough of it. Same goes with their amounts of allocation. That isn’t good either. And Quake fans, I wouldn’t bother with Gomez either, your club doesn’t have nearly the players to package in a deal right now, I’d worry more about who is going to score for your club this season.


Reports abroad are saying that Darren Huckerby could be on his way north to Toronto this season. Makes sense for a club who need a striker as much as anyone else, and you’d have to think he would be a good fit in Mo Johnston’s system. However, I wouldn’t get too excited Reds fans, Huckerby is also linked to the ever popular LA Galaxy and to DC.

I’d take both with a grain of salt and a shot of vodka though. I knot the LA report is a month old and the DC report totally screws up Toronto’s name. Though he could be headed to Chicago?

Hell, I have no freakin’ clue to be honest. Blame the English press to messing up MLS club names and maybe blame me for finding these stories at 2 in the morning when I wrote this part of today’s article. Ahhh….

Would Huckerby be a good fit for any of these clubs? Sure. He is a 31-year-old winger/striker who’s played all over England during his career with the likes of Manchester City, Leeds, Newcastle, and his current club Norwich City. The guy can score so he would be a value if any of these clubs got him.

DC is probably really out of the running here since they have probably finished their shopping of players with Gallardo. LA though you just never know and Chicago is about to lose a keeper to Huckerby’s current club.

We will find out soon enough though…


Speaking of the Fire and their potential loss to Norwich City, it could actually end up being a loss to a different club and not Norwich. Reports out of the UK say that keeper Matt Pickens is now currently on trial with Preston North End, the same club that offered a bid on New England Revolution forward Taylor Twellman.

Pickens recently turned down an offer from the Fire and the MLS and could very well sign with a club in England.

Honestly, whether it is PNE or Norwich, Pickens is done in the MLS and off to better places, and all I can say is good for him. I kinda have been surprised to see English clubs go after Pickens because I never thought the most of him as a keeper for the Fire. He had his moments of greatness but I always seemed to see more of the opposite when I saw the Fire. Though I will admit the late season run the Fire went on this past season was mostly because of him, and that is credit that doesn’t get thrown his way too often.

So where is he going? We will see, too bad the league and the Fire are missing out on a transfer fee for him though. There is no doubt they could have gotten at least the same that DC got for Troy Perkins.


And speaking of PNE, they appear to put another bid out for New England’s Taylor Twellman! This club just does not give up!

They thought the deal was dead when the league rejected a $2.2 million transfer for the Rev’s star but now it looks like they aren’t going to give up on him. Mostly it looks like Twellman and his agent(s) are getting this deal back on track so he can join the English side. And good for him really, even though I’d hate to see the MLS lose another big star like him.

Twellman himself is desperate to sign for the Championship strugglers and discussions are reported to be still going on to secure an 11th-hour deal.

Preston, who said last week the deal was ‘dead and buried’, have now set Tuesday as the cut-off point for agreement to give Twellman enough time to fly over from Boston and complete the formalities, including a medical.

Sounds like this deal is far and away, not even over. I still think that Twellman got a raw deal from the club and the league over the last rejection. Both sides didn’t want to take the fall for who actually rejected the bid. We know it was probably more New England than the league but the league does own his contract. Still, PNE could up the bid and really allow New England to cash in some major transfer money. But knowing Bob Kraft that won’t happen.


To the Latin reports of the day, yeah, couldn’t go a day in transfer season without a random latin report but here we go. Reports say that former Club America, Chivas (Mexico) and Monterrey star José de Jesús Mendoza could be on his way to play with expansion side San Jose this season.

The reports say that he wants out of his current situation in Turkey with Gaziantepspor to come and play with the Quakes.

The one thing I have problems with in this report is that he just arrived at Gaziantepspor in Turkey. According to his wiki page (which I know is always so reliable but its probably the truth in this case), he just started playing with the club this month! Again, another report that I will take with a grain of salt and a shot of vodka. I am not saying the report isn’t true, I just have a little trouble with it that is all.

Would he be a great addition to San Jose though? Absolutely he would be, he is only 28-years-old, and he does play the one position that they are lacking depth at, striker.

I will try to do a little more digging on this one today though.


Very interesting couple of days here for us with all of these deals coming to a head on the last seconds of the transfer window. Exciting times though they are, very exciting. I still think there are a couple more deals out there that could really make this off-season big for the MLS. But we will see.

Still no word on a Columbus DP, the potential signings of a couple Dallas players (they were mentioned a while back before the transfer window), as well as a few other deals in the works around the league.

  • Rory Miller

    I just found your blog a few days ago… it's fantastic. You do such a service. I love how you want to see the league improve and you genuinely care for it, but you don't sugar-coat everything.<br />
    <br />
    Excellent work in journalism!

  • I just found your blog a few days ago… it’s fantastic. You do such a service. I love how you want to see the league improve and you genuinely care for it, but you don’t sugar-coat everything.

    Excellent work in journalism!