Afternoon Delight: DC’s Five, Jaqua Gone, and Twellman

Afternoon Delight: DC’s Five, Jaqua Gone, and Twellman

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 28, 2008

Busy day so far for the MLS. I will try to be fairly brief on some things since they have already been talked about in length on here before.

Anyways, let’s get the biggest stuff out of the way, DC has announced the signings of four of their five new players. Gonzalo Martinez, Gonzalo Peralta, Jose Carvallo and Franco Niell.

According to Steve Goff, the major signing of Marcelo Gallardo will happen in a day or so, to give him more attention. But every deal is done and accounted for here. Carvallo could prove to be the best of this for United, since he won’t count against their international roster number, he holds a green card and apparently speaks pretty good English.

Goff reports that Carvallo’s mom actually contacted DC about a potential deal between the two sides. He must be a momma’s boy then, no problem with that, the Hooligan is a true momma’s boy (had to put in a plug since her birthday is tomorrow).

Best of the report has to be on Niell:

Niell is small — I mean, really small. He’s listed a shade under 5 feet 4, but…
If he is as quick and energetic as we’ve been led to believe, his height should not be an issue alongside Luciano Emilio.

Believe me, those short strikers are some of the toughest to deal with. He should be fine in this league once he adjusts to the style of play.

No comments on Christian Gomez though. Apparently he does want to stay and Colorado is stepping up as a potential spot. But I do love that Ives reported this morning that RSL is interested. I talked about that last week as RSL and DC have a history of trading big players with one another and this wouldn’t be the dumbest spot for him to go.

RSL needs a big time playmaker and Gomez could be that, plus they need to make a splash before they move into that spanking new stadium this season.

Either way I think Gomez is going to one of the Rocky Mountain clubs.


It was briefly mentioned last week, but Houston is now even weaker at the forward spot. Nate Jaqua has signed with Austrian club SCR Altach.

Jaqua wanted to test the waters last year but was unable to find a club that wanted him so he remained with the MLS bouncing from Toronto to LA to Houston, where he helped the club win it’s second straight title.

Another big loss for Houston if you ask me and it doesn’t help them out that their cap space isn’t all that much better. I think it may be time that they get some money from their parent club AEG and sign a big time striker to pair up with Brian Ching.

Let’s face it Dynamo fans, Ching won’t be enough offense for you all to win a third straight title. But who you would get to pair up with him would be the more important question with a couple more days left in the transfer window. Maybe there is a free agent out there that would fit well in Dominic Kinnear’s system.


The third time was not the charm for Taylor Twellman and Preston North End. New England and the MLS rejected another bid for the striker at $3 million this time around.

That’s a little less than what New England and the MLS got for Clint Dempsey and his value may not be nearly what Dempsey’s is but the fact that the league is treating Twellman this way is terrible, he guy actually wants to go over there and play and his value is probably as high as it will ever be for a transfer.

Its a thing where the league does not want to see another star leave and I totally understand that but cash in when the guy wants to leave. There are plenty of other players out there that could step in and eventually be what Twellman has become for the Revs and the league.


San Jose could be landing a couple players of their own by the end of the week. Reports out there say that the Quakes are now after the player rights to Chicago’s Andy Herron. Chicago as you all know traded for the rights for Herron from Columbus last week but could be set to deal the rights due to their depth at the striker position.

Herron is playing right now in Costa Rica but is said to want to return to the MLS.

Sounds like a solid move if he actually wants to play in the league. The Quakes desperately need depth at the striker position and Chicago has enough to go around right now.

Other rumors out there surrounding the Quakes say that the club could be near to signing two other players. CSD Municipal’s Freddy Thompson, who had been linked to a move with Chivas could now be nearing a deal with the expansion side. Also, Willie Sims, an ex-New England Revolution striker currently on loan to USL side, Puerto Rico Islanders is linked to join the club.

Simms is out of contract and is reportedly set to join the club at the start of training camp.

Thompson is said to be joining the club by the end of the week.

Both are Latin reports so enjoy translating into proper English. Also, as with many of them take with a grain of salt and a shot of vodka.


Okay that is all I have for right now…I may be checking back later this evening with some more, if not, then tomorrow morning!

  • Rory Miller

    I hate seeing all these American stars leaving…but I know it might be bad for the MLS but good for the US MNT

  • I hate seeing all these American stars leaving…but I know it might be bad for the MLS but good for the US MNT