Friday Kicker: Gallardo, Gomez, and More Draft Picks

Friday Kicker: Gallardo, Gomez, and More Draft Picks

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 25, 2008

One final working day this week for most of us out there. Sorry for any delay in not posting the Supplemental picks yesterday, I was too busy with work last night to even think about them until this morning. My thoughts are below about that.

More pressing issues though still surround DC United and their situation with Christian Gomez and Marcelo Gallardo.

Looks like more and more Gomez is getting out of the picture and Gallardo is indeed entering it. The word I got yesterday, as many of you probably saw from Steve Goff, was that Gomez was offered a contract by United but turned it down because of the lower than expected figure that was on the contract. Gomez thought he was DP-style of money and DC thought otherwise.

Not to say they offered him next to nothing like most MLS clubs do but Gomez figured he’d make around $500k per year for a couple more seasons.

Age, of course, is a significant factor when discussing big money and contract extensions. Gomez is 32 (if I am not mistaken) and DC is probably wise to not give more money for an aging midfielder.

I said it a month or so ago that DC needed to just get rid of Gomez and free themselves of a headache that this process with him could cause. I’m not knocking Gomez, I think he is a hell of a player but I side with DC on this, he isn’t worth the money he was asking for. Just my two cents on him.

Update: Gomez will not be in DC this season, Goff comfirmed it this morning…here are a list of teams though that could trade for him: New England, Chivas, Toronto, KC, New York and Colorado. I will have more on this in a bit…

But is Marcelo Gallardo worth around the same kind of money? With Gomez turning down offers from DC right now it looks like he will be joining the club but will it be worth it seeing how they are around the same age and almost the same price tag.

To me this is a riskier deal than I thought at first. Gallardo isn’t in season form at the moment and hasn’t seen regular action in a while, unlike Gomez who has seen plenty of time with United and knows the MLS style of play very well.

But like all foreign transfers, I will believe it when I see it. Especially ones that come from Argentina. Remember the last Argentina midfielder that was linked with DC? Yeah, that didn’t turn out too pretty.

I will pose this to DC fans and even non-DC fans out there. Who do you want? Gomez or some new blood in Gallardo?


Other transfer related news:

Columbus has sold defender Marcos Gonzalez to Chilean club Universidad Catolica for an undisclosed fee. The club announced it last night.

Tough for the Crew really as Gonzalez was really coming into his own in the league this past season, he was even one of my top defenders a couple months.

But shipping away a defender for a undisclosed sum only means one thing to me right now, the Crew are closing in on a designated player and will probably sign one very soon with that money and the allocation money that they have right now.

Also, looking at the way they drafted you had to figure they knew this deal was going down and that is why they drafted Andy Iro instead of going offensive with the likes of Patrick Nyarko. I think in the end this deal really could work for the Crew, as long as they get a player that fits their system.


Guatemala & Municipal midfielder Freddy Thompson is being looked at by a couple of MLS teams. My guesses are Chivas, Colorado, New England and New York.


American Soccer Daily is reporting that Houston forward Nate Jaqua has been offered a deal by Altach in Austria. But I am also hearing that Jaqua had a tryout with former teammate Joseph Ngwenya at his new club – Karnten. What’s with all these players going to Austria?


And finally my thoughts on the MLS Supplemental Draft.

First, I hate that the league barely even mentioned a thing about this draft. Lots of people had trouble digging anything up about it and nothing was released at the time that it was expected.

I won’t go pick-by-pick on you here since most of the picks are to just fill out the development rosters and such. I’ve added the picks to the Off-season Player Movement page as well though I don’t expect many to make the senior rosters and make an actual impact this season but you never know.

San Jose made UC-Santa Cruz forward Adam Smarte with the first overall pick in the draft. Didn’t take the Quakes long to draft a couple strikers because with the second pick they got another on in Tim Bohnenkamp.

Toronto’s coach Mo Johnston must have been beside himself because after he took Xavier Balc at number two, he passed on the other three picks in the draft. This was most likely due to restrictions on the Red’s roster. Not a lot of Canadian players, if any, in this draft so Mo probably did the wise thing and passed on players that probably wouldn’t be able to make his roster anyways.

FC Dallas may have gotten the steal of the draft by taking Virginia forward Yannick Reyering in the second round. I think DC was prepared to take in a couple picks after the Hoops but Dallas beat them to the punch. Dallas has done well in recent years with the Supplemental Draft.

A little homer pick for me seeing WVU’s Dan Stratford go to DC. That makes two Mountaineers on United’s roster. Too bad I cannot cheer for that club like I do for Dallas. At least the Hoops still have Aaron Pitchkolen.

Who really knows what will come out of this draft. Might see another Chris Armas or someone in this bunch that could make an impact in a couple years. But we will have to wait and see.

  • Dan

    From what I've seen of them both (and I'll admit, I'm much more emotionally attached to Gomez because of his various game-winners in the past few seasons), I'd take Gomez, simply because he knows the team better and there is chemistry. We will definately miss him this year, as well as Perky and the Boz.

  • Dan

    From what I’ve seen of them both (and I’ll admit, I’m much more emotionally attached to Gomez because of his various game-winners in the past few seasons), I’d take Gomez, simply because he knows the team better and there is chemistry. We will definately miss him this year, as well as Perky and the Boz.