Thursday Kicker: Gallardo to DC or Not? Plus More

Thursday Kicker: Gallardo to DC or Not? Plus More

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 24, 2008

Almost the end of the what’s been a fairly long week for me at work and in my personal life. Plenty to discuss today most surrounding Marcelo Gallardo plus a couple other things that I am hearing and seeing around the MLS world.

As mentioned, first, this story with Marcelo Gallardo to DC United. Some reports say it is a done deal, others saying its a possible deal, and others that are a bit closer to DC haven’t been able to get much of anything out of the club.

Its slightly confusiong really when some are saying the deal is done and it will be announced next week. Believe me lots have to happen before Gallardo will be in a DC kit. As mentioned on here before, United have to do something with midfielder Christian Gomez in order to get Gallardo. I never said that DC wasn’t going to get him but I did say in order to they must find somewhere for Gomez to go.

There is no way that DC can keep both Gomez and Gallardo, even if people are reporting that a deal is complete. If this were the LA Galaxy then it would be a different story but even the poster-child of the MLS cannot get two players of similar value on the roster at the same time.

Plus from what I am hearing Gallardo will probably make around DP salary if not be United’s first DP this season if he does indeed come to the MLS like reports are saying he is.

Honestly, I think it is a good move for DC if they can sign Gallardo. So far they have made some good moves this off-season and continue to do so. We’ve seen them get Franco Niell on loan, sign Gonzalo Martinez and we should see them get Jose Carvallo by the end of the week. Gallardo wouldn’t be announced until next weekend from what I hear, so DC has some time to shop Gomez around.

Where he could land, Colorado has the interest so they are the front-runner. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next few days we get a three-team deal or just a day of Colorado trade madness.

I still think Pablo Mastroeni will land with Chivas through a trade and Ante Razov would wind up in Colorado. Then only to see Colorado have to ship off Terry Cooke or someone else plus some allocation and draft picks for Gomez. Its deals like this that make the off-season fun and worth talking about.

They all could happen soon and most likely will if my sources are correct. It’s really the only way DC gets their man in Gallardo. If he doesn’t go to DC, look out I think Dallas or New York could make a play for him, or even New England after seeing the way they have been shaking things up in the past couple weeks.


A few deals that went down either yesterday or the day before that went slightly unnoticed by some:

Real Salt Lake has officially signed defender Ian Joy from St Pauli. Loved some of the emails I got a week or so about Joy. Apparently he is a yellow card specialist. Great news I suppose. I am already gonna set the under/over on yellow cards in the first 10 games to 6 for him then. You wanna go under or over, be my guest.

RSL also finally officially cut Jaime Watson loose from their roster. Don’t be shocked to see him end up in Dallas on a development deal. He is a native if I am not mistaken and he played with the team when they went on the Shaka Hislop retirement tour in the T & T last month.


I half-way mentioned this yesterday but it is worth mentioning again. Soccer America informed us that New England Revolution striker Pat Noonan has left the club on a free transfer to Aalesund SK in Norway. Ahh, somewhere Taylor Twellman weeps for not getting to go to another country on a transfer while another former teammate gets to.

Sad to see Noonan leave really because it totally kills the Revs chance to make a couple good trades with clubs. I wouldn’t be surpirsed to see that Noonan was going to be in that Columbus trade that was mentioned last week that never came through. I guess the Crew were smart enough to figure out that Noonan was going to leave no matter what was offered.

My guess is the league/Revs offered another low-ball type of contract to a him.

Aalesund is the same team that has former Revs goalkeeper Aidn Brown as their keeper.


Keep an eye out on the MLS Off-Season Player Movement here. It’s seen plenty of updates this week. Anyone realize that Houston released Paul Dalglish after the season? I did have the link to the article but lost it at work. Anyways, that is now on the movement page, plus plenty of others. Give it a look.