Tuesday Kicker: Guzan Maybe Gone, and More

Tuesday Kicker: Guzan Maybe Gone, and More

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 22, 2008

Hello Tuesday to ya. Many of you going back to work after the long weekend. The Hooligan didn’t rest however as Monday was a fairly busy day for me here (and I did have to go into the office and work).

A few things to get into this morning.

Chivas USA keeper Brad Guzan, hot off a stellar performance against my beloved Sweden has left California and is in Scottland right now on a trail with Celtic. All signs are now pointing to a bid for his services from the Scottish champions and Champions League participants.

Celtic has kept an eye on Guzan even after re-signing Polish veteran goalkeeper Artur Boruc. At this point, Guzan’s trial is more of a formality as the Glasgow club and MLS settle on a transfer fee. Guzan must still apply for a work permit since he doesn’t qualify through normal means, but sources tell me they don’t believe the work permit issue will keep Guzan from joining Celtic.

The money will of cource be the factor in this as it is with every player going abroad. You almost have to expect the league to want no less than $2 or even $3 million for Guzan. And in all seriousness they should ask for more than that if they can.

If I am not mistaken, I believe when the league sold Tim Howard to Manchester United they got around $2 million for him so Guzan should get near if not a little more than that right now with the way he has played recently for the National team.

As for what his current club Chivas is going to do remains to be seen. They did get Jim Curtin yesterday but that really only adds depth to their backline and not their keeper situation. My guess is they are probably looking to trade for a keeper in the league who can fill in if Guzan does leave for Glasgow.

If that is the case the Goats will probably look no further to a team like FC Dallas for a trade. I figured when the Hoops drafted a keeper in the first round it meant they were getting some trade bait for the future. Plus they have a solid situation in goal between Dario Sala and Ray Burse Jr. Would the Hoops be a trading partner for the Goat if Guzan leaves? I don’t know but we will certainly see.


Speaking of the Hoops, it appears they are trying to find a suitor for defender Chris Gbandi. The 26-year-old defender is set for a training stint with Norwegian club FK Haugesund and a team source says the Hoops are open to selling him if the Norwegian club makes an offer.

The potential deal makes total sense for a guy the Hoops have been trying to dump to a foreign club for a couple years. The 2002 number one pick never really lived up to what the Hoops hoped he’d be in my eyes. He did score a couple great goals from his defender position but he was more than a headache off the field.

I’d be surprised if the Hoops turned down a bid from the club if one is offered.


I doubt we will see Benny Feilhaber anytime soon in the MLS. Derby and Feilhaber’s reps continue to shop him around Europe in hopes of getting a transfer fee of between $1.1 million and $2.1 million.

Those chances at a transfer to the MLS are quickly going out the window. But how come they won’t loan him out to a club here?


I missed this last week, Chicago keeper Matt Pickens turned down an offer from the club. Pickens is not under contract with the Fire for next season and is currently on trial with Norwich City in England.

The Fire used one of their first round picks to select Tulsa goalkeeper Dominic Cervi at No. 12. That should tell you right there that Pickens will not be back in the MLS and will more than likely be gone.

No word yet on if Norwich has given him an offer yet or not.

And finally what may be the best news of the day, week, month and season (yes I know I am a week late on this news), ESPN/ABC have done away with the Eric Wynalda and John O’Brien experiment. According to Soccer America and other media outlets, the media juggernaut will go with the duo of JP Dellacamera and John Harkes. Oh thank the lord some of my prayers have been answered!

JP and Harkes were regarded as the best duo during the 2006 World Cup and should have been the number one duo for the MLS games. Thankfully now we get a chance to listen to two people who actually know the game.

Not to say that Wynalda didn’t know the game, but the Red Card/Yellow Card segments will be gone forever!!