Monday Transfer Update: Gomez On The Move?

Monday Transfer Update: Gomez On The Move?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 21, 2008

Good morning to you all, on this Martin Luther King Day here. I got a bit of a late start so I will just give you a little overview of what I am looking at and hearing until I get the time to settle in this morning to really write up some things.

First off, as you may have seen over at Steve Goff’s blog, DC United are set to sign a number of players in the next day or so.

Peruvian goalkeeper Jose Carvallo says he is coming.
Colombian defender Gonzalo Martinez is coming.
Argentine forward Franco Niell is coming.

The theme though of all three were the lovely: “United has no comment.”

That’s a good thing for DC right there even though they want to remain quite about the signings/loans. All three fill wholes that couldn’t be filled in last week’s draft by the Black-and-Red.

Other players on their roster in question are still Jamie Moreno and Christian Gomez.

Well, Goff says that Moreno is coming back at a lower salary, which to me sounds great for him and United. Moreno is a great leader for that club, who is trying to get younger in every way that they can this off-season. Keeping him on board for a season or two at a lower figure is great news. Plus the chance for him to start some in the early going until Francis Niell is ready or someone else is will be another good thing. Then he can come off the bench as a super-sub type of player that they want him to be.

As for Gomez. DC and Gomez are in talks but it isn’t looking all that great for him and the club really wants him to make up his mind in the next week or two.

This could be where a trade comes into the picture for DC though. We’ve talked a lot about how Colorado would be shipping Pablo Mastronei in the next couple of weeks. Looks as though the Rapids could be a potential home for Gomez if a trade is in place. From what I am hearing the Rapids may be sending Mastronei and another player to DC for Gomez.

Sounds like a nice looking deal to me. Gomez is a bit of a headache sometimes and getting him off and somewhere else while filling in a nice defensive midfielder in Mastronei is a nice way to do it. If I were the Black-and-Red I would try to pull the trigger on this kind of a deal.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see both Colorado and DC throw in an extra player for the trade to make it all even on some accounts in the end.

We will see though, but keep your eyes open to this kind of a deal soon.


Other transfers that you may want to keep and eye out for:

Pat Noonan may be headed to Colorado as well. No word on what the Revs would get in return for him from Colorado, probably some allocation and draft picks if I were placing a bet.

In that article it also says that the possible destination for Mastronei is San Jose. That wouldn’t shock me either at this point with the way Frank Yallop is building his team. I just don’t know what they could give up in return at this point.


New England draft pick Mike Videira is expected to try his hand at finding a possible suitor in Europe this week. He is there for some trials and would prefer signing abroad than with MLS. You can expect the Revs to make a strong push to convince the local kid to stay and give the Revs a sorely-needed attacking midfield option.

We’ve seen this plenty of times before with draftees. Just mostly do to the low-ball offers that the league gives them. We will see with Videira though.


Jose Saturino Cardozo could be on his way to Chivas this season. The 36-year-old Paraguayan forward is thinking of coming out of retirement to play in LA with the Goats.

Cardozo is the hero of Mexican club Toluca, where he played with the team from 1995 to 2005 and won four league titles, in Summer 1998, Summer 1999, Summer 2000, Apetura 2002.

He was a goal scoring machine in his time scoring 249 goals for Toluca and has appeared 81 times for the Paraguayan national team,scoring 25 goals for them. Not to shabby really.

Thing is for the Goats, even though he is a proven scorer, would he be able to keep up with the pace that the MLS has at his age? Schelotto was able to do it but he isn’t 36.


LA may have been able to trade away some big time salaries in recent weeks, which could be why they are trying to sign former Newcastle defender Celestine Babayaro. The 29-year-old defender was recently released by Newcastle and is said to be near a deal with the Gals.


Ives gives us his draft grades. I have to say we lined up pretty well with ours but he was a little harsher on clubs like San Jose, Chivas and Houston for their picks.