Philly Getting Closer On Stadium Deal

Philly Getting Closer On Stadium Deal

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 18, 2008

People in the City of Brotherly Love have been waiting for a while now on whether or not they would be getting a MLS club in the near future. Everything recently has rested on the shoulders of the state government to help fund the money for the stadium deal.

Now it looks like things could be in order for the city to finally get that all important expansion nod by the end of the month like they had hoped with the news that the Governor is wanting to put around $50 million in funds for the stadium project.

The MLS has a deadline of the end of this month on whether or not they would go with 16 clubs next year or just 15, but with this recent development it looks as though we could see that 16th club indeed be Philly. Which honestly, is great news to see and hear.

We all know Philly needs a club and will get one but finally getting the right funding will go a long way in making sure this club has success.

The expansion race is heating up right now and with this news it puts Philly back in the lead over St. Louis and other potential cities like Miami and Montreal. Then again, I’ve always felt that Philly was the front-runner anyways. Time will tell on whether or not the league does accept this and signs Philly on for the next expansion bid.