Live SuperDraft Commentary

Live SuperDraft Commentary

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 18, 2008

Good afternoon (or late morning to those west-coasters out there). Lots of interesting developments to get into before the draft starts. Feel free to pipe in your comments as the draft goes on.

First things first….

From what I am hearing, KC is set to draft Chance Myers with the first overall pick.

Myers wowed coaches at the Combine with his ability to get forward and deliver sharp passes. He has the versatility to play left wing or left back, much like the Wizards’ first-round pick last year, Michael Harrington.

The Wizards were thought to take either defender Julius James or forward Patrick Nyarko with the pick pick but settled on one of the most coveted players in this draft. Myers is also a Generation adidas player, meaning he won’t count against the Wizards’ salary cap. Big bonus there….

Don’t be shocked to see Colorado trade Pablo Mastroeni in this draft. I said a few days ago that the would be shopped around this weekend and look for that to come done today…

4:48 (CT) – Thanks for joining us today here, it was a lot of fun watching this whole draft develope I will return later with my thoughts and wrap-up of this draft.

4:55 (CT) – Missed a few, well the rest of the final round but here we go:

And Houston takes with the final pick Jeremy Barlow at No. 56 

New England gets Spencer Wadsworth at No. 55

Chicago takes Austin Washington at No. 54

KC selects Rauwshan  McKenzie at No. 53

DC selects Tony Schmitz at No. 52

LA selects Matt Hatzke at No. 51 

Dallas selects Ben Nazar at No. 50 

Colorado selects Scott Campbell at No. 49 

Columbus selects Steven Lenhart at No. 48

Colorado selects Brain Graizer at No. 47 

4:22 (CT) – LA takes Brandon MacDonald at No. 46

4:20 (CT) – Dallas selects Jamil Roberts at No. 45…Hoops stacking that defense as much as they can in this draft

4:17 (CT) – New York selects David Roth at No. 44

4:11 (CT) – Hey look Chivas gets to pick in the draft…they select Keith Savage at No. 43

4:08 (CT) – Houston selects Geoff Cameron at No. 42…nice to see Geoff selected, I actually had a couple classes with the kid when he was at WVU, a classy kid, nice pick for Houston. One more round to go!

4:00 (CT) – New England selects Matt Britner at No. 41
Chicago selects Stephen Kind at No. 40 ….good pick there

Kansas City selects Matt Marquess at No. 39

Chicago selects Dwight Barnett at No. 38

3:44 (CT) – RSL takes Brennan Tennelle at No. 37

3:40 (CT) – Colorado takes Adrian Chevannes at No. 36…for you locals here in the Big D this kid went to SMU

Toronto selected Joe Lapira with the No. 35 pick….big gamble right there for Mo Johnston.

3:34 (CT) – LA picks keeper Matt Allen at No. 34

3:32 (CT) – DC picks Bryan Corderio at No. 33

3:30 (CT) – Got busy here at work for a few…here is what I missed:

LA picks Julian Valintin at No. 29

Toronto FC picks Mike Zaher at No. 30

Columbus picks Ryan Miller at No. 31

NY picks Luke Sassano at No. 32

3:03 (CT) – Toronto trades for LA’s pick and select keeper Brian Edwards at No.28

3:00 (CT) – New England selects Joe Germanese at No. 27

2:56 (CT) – Chicago selects Peter Lowry at No.26….wow, nice steal for the Fire here at 26

2:53 (CT) – Kansas City takes Jonathan Leaters at No. 25

2:50 (CT) – DC selects Andrew Jacobson at No.24

2:45 (CT) – Kansas City just took defender Yomby William at No. 23.

2:44 (CT) – Crew getting some offense but will Ricardo PL be the guy to score for them? He scored a boat load in college at Lee but will that translate to MLS success? Don’t know…still think they should have gotten Nyarko at their first pick

2:43 (CT) – Columbus Crew select Ricardo Pierre-Louis at No.22

2:38 (CT) – FC Dallas has traded the No. 22 pick to the Columbus Crew.

2:34 (CT)- Los Angeles select forward Ely Allen at No. 21

2:31 (CT)- Columbus takes George Josten No. 20.

2:26 (CT)– Top players still available include: Peter Lowry, George Josten, Jon Leathers, Stephen King, Brian Edwards, Andrew Jacobson.

2:25 (CT) – A few picks for you:

Real Salt Lake takes Alex Nimo No. 17

New England takes Mike Videira No. 18

FC Dallas takes Eric Avila No. 19 …..FCD is having a really strong draft

2:14 (CT): The Red Bulls select Eric Brunner at No. 16.

2:12 (CT): Some of the commentary here may cool down during these last couple rounds. I am at work right now so I don’t know exactly how much commentary I can do here. I will post picks as I see them though for the remainder of the draft. Also I will be writing up a summary of each clubs’s picks. Its been a weird draft and seeing names like Avila still on the board is shocking.

2:10 (CT): The second rounds begins with San Jose taking Shea Salinas No. 15

2:02 (CT): Real Salt Lake selects defender David Horst No. 14

2:00 (CT): New England selects Rob Valentino with the No. 13 pick.

1:56 (CT): The Fire get a keeper like I though they would, a little insurance for the potential departure of Matt Pickens

1:54 (CT): The Chicago Fire select Dominic Cervi No. 12…no shocker there

1:51 (CT): Kansas City selects Roger Espinoza No. 11

1:49 (CT): Toronto gets two solid defenders that should start this year, and I am hearing Andy Iro will play in Columbus and not leave for Europe…great news for Crew fans out there

1:46 (CT): Toronto selects Pat Phelan No. 10

1:44 (CT): Now I don’t see Mo Johnston trade either picks away after getting the best defender in the draft and they should take Avila too, one of the best midfielders in the draft. Man, I bet he is on cloud nine right now

1:43 (CT): Toronto FC takes Julius James No. 9

1:41 (CT): Hmm…I was for sure a defender would go to Dallas…but Lambo, trade bait maybe for Dallas? They don’t need a keeper at all right now, so this pick really, really surprises me.

1:40 (CT): FC Dallas takes Josh Lambo No. 8….wow, did not see that coming

1:36 (CT): Still cannot get over a couple clubs passing on Nyarko. I think Dallas will go with Julian James next…

1:35 (CT): Chicago takes Patrick Nyarko No. 7

1:31 (CT): I’ve been totally wrong about a lot of these so far but I got a feeling Nyarko gets selected here by Chicago…

1:30 (CT) : Columbus selects Andy Iro at No. 6…good pick but will Iro stay with the Crew, we will see…very tough pick to make for the Crew

1:25 (CT): Okay, the Crew should definitely take Nyarko here…should…then again he could fall to the Fire at 7 or Dallas at eight. Wow. Same with Avila. Though if Avila is still there at eight I doubt Dallas will pick him, more likely he will go to Toronto at nine. Also, the Rapids picking O’Brien tells me they are shipping Pablo Mastroeni today…

1:24 (CT): The Rapids select Ciaran O’Brien No. 5

1:21 (CT): It was indeed Albright…The LA Galaxy has traded Chris Albright to New England for allocation money. We knew that was gonna happen. Solid move for both clubs really, the Gals get money and the Revs get a proven defender in the back, let’s just hope Albright stays healthy this season.

1:17 (CT): The Galaxy select Sean Franklin No. 4….woah…thought for sure they’d get Avila here, Franklin though? Man, is Lalas smoking crack again?

1:16 (CT): (From Ives) The Galaxy has made a trade with New England, sending a player to the Revs. No word yet on the player. Maybe Chris Albright??? hmmmm

1:15 (CT): Makes me laugh that the MLS’s website still hasn’t updated its draft tracker three picks in…wow, they are bad and slow

1:14 (CT): Real Salt Lake selects Tony Beltran No. 3….a little surprised this pick wasn’t traded to Columbus but we will see what LA does next…lots of good talent for them to pick from

1:09 (CT): FC Dallas takes Brek Shea…wow I figured the Hoops would be able to grab him at the 8 spot, but at two…wow.

1:06 (CT): The Wizards select Chance Myers with the first pick…a bit of a surprise to some, but not others.

1:01 (CT): KC is on the clock…ahh-here-we-go

12:56 (CT): Just a couple momments away here, the TV stuff should start up soon on ESPN2, word has it that John Harkes (a person favorite of the Hooligan) will be doing commentary for ESPN now on there.

12:50 (CT): Word over in B-More, Tony Beltran has moved up in some people’s draft lists. Maybe Dallas will go with him at two? Or RSL at three.

Ives thinks Columbus will be in talks with RSL for that three spot so they can get Patrick Nyarko. Sounds like a good idea to me if I were the Crew.