Thursday Kicker: Feilhaber, DC Signings, Draft Rumblings

Thursday Kicker: Feilhaber, DC Signings, Draft Rumblings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 17, 2008

The eve of the MLS Superdraft is here. Lots of deals could be worked out today, many of which I will keep a close eye on for you all. Lots of draft talk to discuss, some teams still looking to trade picks and players and it looks like DC United’s roster overhaul is kicking up again.

First, news out of England, US National team member Benny Feilhaber(left) is not leaving Derby County to Isreal’s Maccabi Tel Aviv. The 22-year-old midfielder has been recalled by his club in England after a low ball type offer for him by Tel Aviv. Feilhaber has been riding the pine lately for Derby and wants out.

Now many MLS clubs would be smart to try and snag him if they can. A transfer fee would be pretty big however after seeing Derby recall him this week.

Derby chairman Adam Pearson said:

“There is a lot of interest in Benny in the MLS in the States and it is something that is likely to be pursued, therefore we feel it is in the best interests of the club and the player to get him back with us.”

To me, someone in the league has to grab him before his talents go to waste on the bench in Derby. Even though it is a step backward for the young guy he needs to go some place that he can actually play on the field and contribute to a club. With Derby closer to the Coca-Cola league than staying out of relegation in the EPL, now is definitely the time for him to come back to the US and play for a MLS side.

Which side should go for him? A team like Chivas or San Jose would be start or a club with money like New York wouldn’t be a bad idea really.

Sad part is he probably will ride out the pine this spring in Derby and look elsewhere this summer. Waste of time for him and his talents if you ask me.


With the recent trade of Carlos Ruiz to the LA Galaxy, FC Dallas now has plenty of cap space and allocation money to go after a big signing. Steve Morrow said yesterday that the club is interesting in Claudio Lopez. The 33-year-old striker from Argentina has been linked to a couple clubs in the MLS this winter and Dallas actually has the most cash out of any of them right now to actually make a play for him.

Now with the recent news of Kenny Cooper getting upset over his contract would Dallas be wise in signing a high price striker? Its a tough subject considering Lopez will demand a DP-like salary to where ever he goes. Thing is Dallas is looking for someone to be the main scorer up top and Lopez could be that guy.

I think Dallas should go for it really. Sure it is a risk but knowing Steve Morrow, if he is talking about it then the club is probably actively trying to get in talks with Lopez. Again, they have the money to do it and probably the money to make Cooper happy too as well.

Also, I still think they will go with a striker and a defender in the first round of the draft tomorrow. They actually could still end up with the best striker in the draft in Patrick Nyarko now that KC has traded for the number one pick. It isn’t a 100% that the Wizards will select Nyarko, even though they will need a striker to replace Eddie Johnson.

We will see though….


So apparently the Houston Dynamo were in the game for San Jose’s number one pick before they traded it away to Kansas City yesterday. The Dynamo were probably going to offer Brain Mullan and a draft pick for the number one pick. Honestly, I think the Quakes should have gone with Houston if that is the case. I really don’t believe San Jose got the most value out of that trade, while KC is looking like a champ now having as many picks as they do.

Also, Houston and New York are said to be wanting into the first round. Both clubs have picks outside the first round and are looking to be busy tomorrow morning offering up deals with clubs.

This leads me to believe that both of them will be in talks with Toronto, Dallas, and maybe Kansas City. All of those clubs have two picks in the first round. Toronto makes the most sense to me about dealing a pick to one of them since we all know Mo Johnston likes to wheel and deal.


All of this news around Houston makes sense due to their possible losses of both Nate Jaqua and Joesph Ngwenya. Both are said to be leaving Houston for clubs in Europe. Now I have heard that Ngwenya is close to signing with an Austrian club but I haven’t see any news of where Jaqua could be heading. Once I do I will pass that information to you all.


Steve Goff is reporting Columbus Crew defender Marcos Gonzalez is wanting out of Columbus to join Universidad Catolica. If this does happen it will really change the way the Crew will draft tomorrow. Why? Gonzalez was probably the Crew’s best defender in 2007 and his loss would be pretty big.

Its also the club he started out with when he was coming up in the soccer world. Man what is it with these Crew players that want to return home all of a sudden?


The ol’ Goffer is also reporting that DC midfielder Bryan Arguez is on his way out of DC and to Germany to play for Hertha Berlin. Arguez, 19, has been training and on trail in Germany the past month and has said to impress the coaches at Hertha.

Its kinda crazy because Arguez played not once for the Black-and-Red last season and didn’t play all that great for the reserves. Goff says that we shouldn’t expect to see him in Hertha matches anytime soon once this deal goes through. He is considered a long-term project for the club. At his age I think they are getting a pretty good deal out of it. Kinda sucks for United though because he probably would have fit in once he got some actual playing time.

DC should get a decent transfer fee from it as well. Maybe even in the neighborhood of $350,000, a considerable upgrade to his current DC salary of $76,000 (he was a Generation adidas player so his number did not count against the cap for DC).


DC is also expected to announce the loan of Peruvian keeper Jose Carvallo either today or tomorrow.

  • Jay

    So, a guy who NEVER PLAYS gets 76k, but the Boz only got 33k? That's a little strange in my book.

  • Jay

    So, a guy who NEVER PLAYS gets 76k, but the Boz only got 33k? That’s a little strange in my book.