Wizards Dealing For Number 1 Pick

Wizards Dealing For Number 1 Pick

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 15, 2008

I talked about it earlier today. There was a number of teams out there that could be in the market to make a push for San Jose’s number one pick in this week’s draft and maybe the Kansas City Wizards are that team. I said they had a good chance to make a play at it and word out of KC is that they already have.

Wizard defender Nick Garcia is reportedly traded to the Earthquakes for the No. 1 overall pick in Friday’s MLS SuperDraft.

Garcia is the one telling the newspaper in KC that. Not the clubs, not a source in KC, the actual player involved in the deal.

Now nothing has been confirm by the league and I will montior this as much as I can over the next couple days to see if this is 100% accurate or not.

Very interesting deal though, a former number one pick for a number one pick. There has to be more to this deal than just a player for a pick. I don’t think Garica is worth a number one pick right now so I would have to think that KC’s first round pick is in the deal too if something does go down.

UPDATE: League just confirmed it. Still think its a bad move on SJ’s part to only get Garcia in this deal. Wizards now have two first rounders.