Transfer Update: Jay Jay, Mathis, Johnson, Etc.

Transfer Update: Jay Jay, Mathis, Johnson, Etc.

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 11, 2008

Ah, finally Friday, lots more to discuss as we go into the weekend. Lots and lots of rumors out there, most of them are just that, they are rumors. Most of them are pretty bad, and some sites out there seem to create rumors just for the fun of it I think.

Anyways, time to start out today with the news of Jay Jay Okocha to Columbus.

First off, I know the Crew are looking into actually using a DP after coming out and telling the world that they weren’t going to trade it away to a bigger city club.

Okocha, 34, has played in three World Cups for Nigeria and is currently with Hull City in the English Championship. Last year he was in talks with Real Salt Lake.

Some out there think that the Crew is actually going to use their DP on an aged Okocha? Yeah, I honestly don’t see it happening. Not to say that Okocha wouldn’t be of value to the Crew but I honestly think they will use a DP on a younger player that suits their needs a little more than Okocha.

Speaking of the Crew, I reported earlier this week that the Crew and Revolution were working on a deal between now and draft day. Apparently the name being thrown around right now is Avery John for some cash/allocation.

Avery John eh? Yeah, this isn’t a bad idea for the Crew really, get the defense more in-line for the next season.

But I still believe the Crew need to find a quality striker to pair up with Schelotto. But that is my feeling with the Crew, actual Crew fans could help me a bit more on their actual needs if they want to.


Clint Mathis is on the move again.

This time he is headed to Greece. Mathis has signed a deal with Greek club Ergotelis, which is currently in last place in the 16-team Greek league. I had heard he was well on his way out of LA once he arrived there last month.

The Galaxy acquired Mathis from the Red Bulls for a third-round draft pick. Sources within MLS have yet to confirm Mathis’ departure but the Ergotelis website shows Mathis signing. Anyone who knows Greek is welcome to translate.

Good to see Mathis get a fresh start somewhere else. I like this move for him if it does go down. I will keep you updated on this when I get an official word.

Kinda makes me laugh that the Galaxy traded away a third-rounder for two friendies in Austrailia and New Zealand.


Anyone see that Kansas City is moving ahead as if forward Eddie Johnson will still be on the roster come the season opener? Yeah, I know there are still some hold ups with him getting on the move here but come on KC, you know he will be somewhere else this year.

The more I think about it here I am starting to lean on EJ going to Benfica and not Derby County. Then again I change my mind about that a lot here.


Former FC Dallas defender Clarence Goodson won’t be anchoring the San Jose Earthquakes defense as the Quakes had hoped. Goodson, who is out of contract, will instead make a run at securing a contract in Europe.

The Quakes revealed this pretty significant information at the bottom of the same press release that announced the trade to acquire goalkeeper Joe Cannon.

The Goodson departure does help make FC Dallas look a bit better after leaving him exposed in the expansion draft. Guess they knew something most of didn’t know after all here.


I am hearing now that DC is looking to get Colombian center back Gonzalo Martinez of Club Deportivo Los Millonarios to replace the recently traded Bobby Boswell.

The 32-year old defender has bounced around to various clubs over the years and played on the Columbian squad that won Copa America in 2001.

Once I get more details on this I will pass them along to you all but apparently both sides are close to a deal.


Reports up north tell me that the Reds are close to signing Corinthians player Roger. Not a whole lot is written about this guy but from what I hear he has lots of talent but no drive to use it all.

If I hear anything about it I will let you all know…

Also up north I hear that Colin Samuel is getting courted by a Scottish club. St. Johnstone is the club to be exact. I doubt too many people up north would miss Samuel.


Lastly, I am hearing that expansion side Seattle is close to finding a name for itself. Word on the street is my personal favorite Emerald City FC. I like it and I hope it happens but wouldn’t be upset at all if they kept the Sounders name intact.