Crew Won’t Ship DP Just Yet

Crew Won’t Ship DP Just Yet

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 9, 2008

Sources in Columbus tell me that the Crew aren’t about to ship their designated player spot anytime soon.

Many feel that given the Crew’s status as a small-market team, and the lack of obvious candidates to come in through that spot, they are looking to deal. But that isn’t the case, and in fact it is a mistake according the team president Mark McCullers.

“It’s funny people that people identify us as being a team that are looking to trade our slot but it’s really not my desire to trade it…”

I think it is nice to see the Crew step out and tell the MLS world that they won’t be shipping off a valuable piece of the roster. We saw what it did to Chivas last year when they sent their DP spot to New York. Columbus isn’t going to fall into that kind of a trap anytime soon with the way they are looking to do things.

I still believe the Crew are one player away from making a real push in the east as a contender. Maybe going out and spending money on a DP isn’t the real question unless a quality striker steps up into the picture for them. That is really the only kind of player they can go after and spend big DP money on at this point in my eyes.

The teams that have been identified as looking for a DP spot (Los Angeles, Chivas USA and Chicago) all have draft picks and cash to make a deal happen, but none have enough veteran players that could package together to make a trade attractive for the Crew. The Crew don’t need any more draft picks right now with this team being as young as they are either.

But would the Crew be smart to deal off this spot on their roster if they aren’t going to use it if a club like a Chicago gives them the right package? I think not but maybe someone out there in Crew land could give me reason to think differently.

Also, word has it in Columbus that the Crew and New England are poised to make a deal or two before the draft. When I get more information on that I will pass it along to you…

Update: Just got word that star midfielder Schelotto will be staying in Columbus this season. Crew President McCullers said today that GBS would be staying on despite offers from clubs in Argentina. It was a messy situation with him this off-season but all signs point to him being with the Crew in 2008, not just until June but for the entire season.

  • Josh Rollins

    And all God's people said….

  • Josh Rollins

    And all God’s people said….