MLS Transfer News and Rumors

MLS Transfer News and Rumors

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 7, 2008

Plenty of transfer news (and some rumors) out there for ya to start the week off. Some may be a couple days old but I was too busy this weekend to get around to talking about any of it.

Again, no Figo to MLS rumors or Ronaldo to New York madness here. I don’t wanna waste time writing it and you shouldn’t have to waste your time reading it on another blog. Just a little rant there but that’s how I feel on some of these weird and wacky rumors that are always out there.

Anyways, I want to start first with the Eddie Johnson transfer news update. Come to think of it that kind of has a weird local news ring to it: “And now the Eddie Johnson Transfer News Update, with Eddie Johnson…” okay sorry, I couldn’t resist on that one. Forgive me for being in the media and around the news too long I suppose.

Plenty to dive into. Last week I threw out a slew of clubs that are interested in his services. Yesterday in the player movement update I said that Derby County is ready to make a big time pitch to Johnson and the MLS.

Paul Jewell and Derby County are ready to put down an MLS record transfer fee for Johnson. The MLS transfer record is $4,000,000 which Fulham paid for Clint Dempsey. According to some of my sources, Derby is ready to put that number to shame and possibly offer somewhere in the six or seven million range for Johnson.

I also read that Freddy Adu’s club Benfica is also wanting to make a multi-million dollar pitch to EJ. They are read to offer in the 3 million range for Johnson. The article talks about Adu and Johnson’s friendship and the other clubs interested in Johnson. One was interesting, Liverpool. Yeah, that won’t happen anytime soon and shouldn’t happen.

I think really it will be down to Derby and Benfica. Depending on who ponies up the most will determine who the league will go for. Either way it looks like KC and the MLS are about to get some serious transfer money in this deal which is great. I was worried that the MLS would have to sale Johnson at a lower price based on his performance in recent years (I know how well he did this season, so Wizards fans don’t comment that he scored 15 goals this year, those were all well before June).

Other clubs interested still are Reading, Fulham, and Middlesbrough. Don’t buy into that crap out there saying clubs in Spain have interest in Johnson as well; none have been reported other than these six (5 England and 1 Portugese).

More transfer news…

Maurice Edu will not be going to Aston Villa this winter. Toronto FC manager Mo Johnston came out late last week and said Edu would be in uniform with the Reds next season.

Honestly, that’s a good thing for Edu and the MLS. The league needs to retain their young stars and Edu is certainly one of them. Hopefully they will be able to keep him for at least another season or two. Also, hopefully by then when he does go abroad his transfer fee will be really high and break any possible records that Johnson could set this winter.


DC United is close to finalizing a deal with Gonzalo Peralta, a starting central defender for Club Almirante Brown in Argentina’s second division. This comes from the ever great Steve Goff. The club is remaining quite about this deal, which kind of reminds me of past deals that the club has made with Argentine based players.

Not a whole lot of info out there on Peralta. If you got anything on him that you’d like to share feel free. This isn’t a done deal but when Goff reports on it you can better believe something will go down about it soon enough.


Staying on the DC front, still no new word on Christian Gomez or Jamie Moreno. Contract talks with both still continue and some are saying they are both on their way out and will be looking else where, possibly in Saudi Arabia.

I wouldn’t be surprised by that news as both want a big pay day and a Saudi club will likely give it to them.

Proabably if no deal is reach with either player by the end of this week or the first part of next week you can expect neither to be in a Black-and-Red kit next season.


In Dallas, the Hoops appear to be more interested in Mexican defender Duilio Davino than I originially thought. The former Club America star and Mexican national team member will be on hand to watch his former club team take on league rival Toluca to open the second leg of the tournament in Frisco.

“We’re certainly interested in Davino and expect the player and agent to visit,” FC Dallas general manager Michael Hitchcock said. “We’ll bring him to the game, spend some time with him, and Monday morning we’ll sit.”

Dallas is in need of some defensive help after last season and after the loss of Clarence Goodson to San Jose in the expansion draft.

Davino will not be a designated player in Dallas. Even though I know Dallas needs the defensive help I hope this is a coaching decision and not a Michael Hitchcock move. The track record of the two is amazingly different in recent years in terms of quality players. Hitchcock was responsible for the Denilson and Shaka Hislop signings, while the coaching staff was responsible for players like Juan Toja and Pablo Ricchetti. You do the math.

A deal could be reached today, and I will keep you updated on it if anything happens.


Other random rumors I am hearing that I won’t go into a great detail with until I get more on them:

Clint Mathis to Sydney FC: Saw this somewhere…but wasn’t at all surpised by it after the tour the Gals did in Austrailia. I will try to do some digging on this one this week and see if there is any truth to the matter.

Brad Guzan to Arsenal: A rumor that likes to peek it’s head out every so often now days. I wouldn’t be surpised to see some folks talk about it this month but don’t expect anything to happen to it. Maybe in a year or two. I’m also hearing(and reading) that Celtic and a couple other clubs are after Guzan. We will see…

Alecko Eskandarian to Standard Liege: Some say he is almost as good as done from RSL and others say he will be back. This is another one I will do some digging on…


I’m sure there are plenty of other rumors out there but they are pretty bad rumors at that and I really don’t want to even put any time into writing them.

More news to come…keep it locked on here.