Garber Tabbed As 27th Most Influential Person In US Sports

Garber Tabbed As 27th Most Influential Person In US Sports

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 20, 2007

Not a lot going on today, as it is less than a week before Christmas. But I came across this early on and wanted to share it with you all. I thought it was noteworthy enough. Sports Business Journal has named MLS commissioner Don Garber as the 27th most influential person in American sports business.

The article goes into a good depth about Garber in how he has changed the course of the MLS from letting AEG and the Hunts control everything to being one of the sole leaders in charge. Some will argue that AEG still has plenty of control in the league and they do but the article tries to keep a positive spin on things.

I did like that they mentioned that the coming years will be a true test for Garber and the league as the MLS continues to grow. They make a great point that the league has to find ways to increase TV ratings, cultivating Hispanic fans and developing new players. Kind of wish it would have mentioned that Garber and the league need to continue to find soccer savvy people to run clubs and help out those deep-pocketed owners who know little about the sport.

Also, the big task of working out the collective bargaining agreement that ends in 2009 will be a stiff challenge. You almost have to believe there will be some big time work involved in getting that taken care of before it even comes close to expiring.

And lastly, with Garber’s success comes the league and the sports success in the US. That is a really bold statement but a pretty truthful one at that.

The top ten on this list (from 1 – 10) went as followed: Brain Roberts (CEO of Comcast); Roger Goodel (NFL Commish); David Hill (Fox Chairman); George Bodenheimer (President ABC/ESPN Sports); David Stern (NBA Commish); Bud Selig (MLB Commish); Dick Ebersol (Chairman NBC Sports); Tim Leiweke (CEO and President of AEG); Sean McManus (President of CBS Sports); and Brain France (Chairman and CEO of NASCAR).