MLS Expansion: Seattle Reaches 10,000 Mark

MLS Expansion: Seattle Reaches 10,000 Mark

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 14, 2007

I will keep this one short and sweet due to the weekend coming up, but all I can say about this is “Damn!”.

The MLS expansion club in Seattle that is still 15 months away from their first match has passed 10,000 season ticket deposits. This is an outstanding number that could easily end up above 15,000 before everything is said and done, which would fill a large portion of the bottom bowl at Qwest field.

The power of the world’s greatest game on a city is showing. Seattle is doing something right up there and hopefully it keeps on going and this club has a lot of buzz like Toronto did this past year in their first year. Even at 10k I think Seattle is already a bit ahead of the curve against most MLS clubs. The MLS is doing a right thing with their lastest expansion sites, they make sure that not only the stadium issues are set but they make sure that the city can sell tickets.

Seattle is doing just that.