College Cup Preview

College Cup Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 14, 2007

With the MLS SuperDraft right around the corner, it makes perfect sense for me to write up a little preview for this weekend’s College Cup in North Carolina. I’m only a few months removed from my college days at West Virginia University and during my time there I saw plenty of soccer as a broadcaster and student reporter.

I’ve followed this year’s road to the College Cup a little less than normal, mostly due to the fact that I am not actively covering a team for it but because I am living away from a college campus and don’t have the access that I used to. I saw the draw and the upsets, my school go down, and other big names fall to see what is left in the Final Four.

Ohio State, UMass, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech.

Some may be surprised to see some of those schools there but I am not really. OSU has had a strong program for the last couple of seasons and have finally gotten over the hump in the tournament. VT has always had a solid program and are finally getting rewarded for it. Wake is a solid program and a very good team to boot. And finally there is the dark horse, the George Mason of the bunch, UMass.

Now I’ve seen everyone play but UMass over the past couple of years and I don’t know if that is really a bad thing considering the hot streak that they are on at the moment. Beating the number one seed in any tournament always causes reason to raise and eyebrow. But from what I’ve read they do it all with defense so they may win me over a little more if they beat OSU (a school I cannot get myself to like no matter what sport it is in for some reason).

I think OSU will be too much for UMass though in that first match-up of the weekend. Xavier Balc is a talented kid, make no mistake about that. I am curious to see what UMass does to counter his play. In the end I think OSU will win this game.

As for the other semi-final, I like Wake Forest. Why? They are the only club to have any experience in the Final Four. They have been there unlike any of the teams and espeically the team they are facing tomorrow in Virginia Tech. Wake probably should have been the number one seed in the tournament to begin with and will prove it as they beat VT. The Deacons have outscored opponents 63-13 and posted 14 shutouts, the stats with Wake don’t lie.

But VT does have a solid win that they are coming off of by beating UConn, one of the best teams in the nation to get to the Final Four. I think there could be a hang-over from that as Wake handles VT.

As for who wins it all between OSU and Wake…I think I will still with the experienced side and go with Wake. It should be a good weekend of soccer for the NCAA. Lots of potential MLSers in this too, so keep an eye out for some of these players. Feel free to post your picks below as well!

  • J.D. Rollins

    No love for my Bucks, what's wrong with you man! Thats the only chance I have to enjoy championship soccer… well… ever at this rate! haha

  • J.D. Rollins

    No love for my Bucks, what’s wrong with you man! Thats the only chance I have to enjoy championship soccer… well… ever at this rate! haha