The Christian Gomez Debate

The Christian Gomez Debate

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 11, 2007

Last week was the talk of what FC Dallas should do with Carlos Ruiz; today I shift the focus to another star in the MLS, Christian Gomez. United fans may agree or disagree with anything that I am about to say but I believe that this off-season will be an interesting one for the former league MVP.

Most of us know Gomez wants a higher contract, bordering Designated Player status and that DC probably won’t give him that. Negotiations are going pretty rough from what sources around the club are saying and the wonderful Steve Goff mentions that about every other day or so.

So what should DC do with Gomez?

I’ve said before and I will say it again, DC should trade him away and get as much as they can for him because after this year his value will continue to decline. He did have a pretty solid year this past season but I really can’t make an argument for making him have a pay level of or around a DP. As good as he is, I just don’t see him drawing in the people like a DP is expected to do and I don’t see him making his club all that much better with him.

Gomez’s issue with United has been guaranteed years in a new contract. United has apparently offered one; Gomez wants at least two. United is playing smart because they know his value is going down.

I love it when a guy asks for more than he should. You see this all the time in sports and the really smart teams know how to counter it with reasonable contracts and deals. Sure you could call it selfish on Gomez but he thinks he is due this kind of a deal while United think elsewise.

I side with DC on this and not Gomez as you may imagine. And from what Goff is reporting, a club is showing interest in Gomez. Perfect, if I were DC I would make sure I get him out of there as soon as they possibly can. With that kind of a trade comes draft picks (they definitely could use a first rounder) and allocation money (every club could use more of that).

So what club is it? We don’t really know. Speculations surround what club it could be. I think actually a number of clubs should be interested in Gomez and I will give my reasons below (though some I will kinda counter at the same time):

  • Chivas USA – I’ve noted many times lately the amount of players they have dumped this off season, they have the cash and could make a good enough offer to Gomez. Not to mention they need a quality midfielder to carry them and be able to dish off to Razov and Galindo. Only snag is they don’t have nearly enough draft picks (more importantly first rounders) to be able to give DC a good enough deal.
  • Columbus Crew – I know they have Schelotto, but I really would love to see the duo in the midfield of Gomez and Schelotto. That would be a sight I think. Columbus does have a couple early picks (6th and 20th) but I think they would be wise to not deal too many picks if they can help it.
  • Kansas City Wizards – Word has it that Curt Onalfo would love to have Gomez leading his midfield attack in KC. The Wizards do have a first rounder (11th) and a couple second rounders, plus some allocation that they could give up. Wouldn’t be a bad idea since Eddie Johnson should be on his way out.
  • New England – Most of us have said New England lacks one more piece to the puzzle in winning a MLS Cup. Gomez could be that answer. Steve Ralston is near the end of his career and Gomez would be more than a suitable replacement. New England doesn’t like to trade picks though because they traditionally build from the draft but they probably do have the cash to throw at Gomez’s way if they realy want it.
  • New York Red Bulls – I think between LA and NY, one of these two clubs will always want to throw money at people. I put NY on this list over LA because of that. I really could never see him go there until Reyna is gone but you never know.
  • Real Salt Lake – A club that has struggled to find an identity in three years in the MLS. Would Jason Kreis pull the trigger on such a deal? With two first rounders they could make a deal, not to mention the allocation money that they could throw at DC’s way.
  • San Jose Earthquakes – Young club that wants a make a name for themselves again, could go for it as they do need depth and Gomez would add some instant crediblity to their roster. Though I doubt he’d go for a move like this.
  • Toronto FC – Has a couple first rounders and with Mo Johnston running things you never know. The Reds really could use a player like Gomez in the middle of the park. I could see TFC making a pitch if they really think he’d go north and play for them.

Just a few teams to think of really. I just don’t see him going to Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Houston, or LA right now.
Though with the way the league bends over for LA you never know. I think DC should look at each trading option. They were wise last year with getting rid of Freddy Adu and I think they would be wise again to deal Gomez.