Sorting The Trade Mess

Sorting The Trade Mess

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 11, 2007

Alright, I figured I would wait a little while to follow up on trade talk from earlier today. As you all know by now lots of stuff has gone down but nothing is at all official at this point. No word yet on when anything will be or not. But I can tell you that things are in the process of sorting out and getting done either way.

First off, the simple:

Steve Goff is reporting that United keeper Troy Perkins is probably on his way to Norway. Excellent move for Perkins if you ask me. Again, nothing official there yet but I kind of get the feeling it is almost a done deal and both sides are waiting on the transfer window to open itself up for it to take place.

A little more complicated:

Some heard that Bobby Boswell was going to Houston for a keeper (more than likely Zach Wells and not Pat Onstad), and others then heard the Boz was going to Dallas in the “mega-deal”. So far Boswell has been informed that he is being actively talked about in trade discussions with clubs. So expect the league’s best blogger to be well on his way out to somewhere.

This probably means that DC is clearing space to sign a foreign defender of some sorts. Make no mistake that they need a solid center defender and clearing some space would help, especially if that player comes in good and cheap.

And for the ultra-confusing-yet-mostly-complicated:

Okay, the “mega-deal” really dealt with Joe Cannon going to DC and Carlos Ruiz going to LA. Some reports say that the league slightly vetoed this deal because of the two grandfathered DPs and Beckham on the Galaxy part. But now I am hearing that isn’t quite the case as some officials didn’t balk at the idea of having three “DPs” on a roster.

The Bowswell-Ruiz-Cannon deal isn’t happening right now but it is still being discussed.

Earlier I threw out the notion of DC putting Christian Gomez in the mix to make things slightly even for Dallas. But what about for everyone else? LA potentially having Beckham, Donovan and Ruiz on the same field seems a bit unfair and totally goes to show that the league does in fact bend over for AEG and the Galaxy at their very request.

I will give you all what I think will happen and what I would like to see happen here out of all of this…

First off what should but more than likely won’t happen:

DC gets Cannon – LA gets Ruiz – Chivas gets Donovan – Dallas gets Boswell

I throw the Donovan to Chivas thing for pure hope on my part. I have said I think he would end up in San Jose next season but now I am starting to think Chivas could be the place. It’s still LA, which would make Landy very happy and it is with a good club. Not to mention totally fair on the league’s part because 2 DPs is still better than 3 in the interest of fairness here. Also, Chivas has the cap space and the money right now to do such a deal.

What will more than likely happen:

DC gets Cannon – Dallas gets Boswell

I really don’t know what LA will get at this point and I honestly can say I am drawing a blank. I just don’t see at this point how in the world the MLS would allow the Galaxy to have 3 DPs on one roster. If that did happen that offense would be pretty sick, though the defense is still pathetic. And with the way Alexi Lalas plays the GM game, it wouldn’t surprise me to see five offensive mids and three strikers on the field for LA next year. Yeah a 2-5-3 for the Galaxy. At this pace they may end up like that.

More to come as soon as I get the info…