Joe Cannon To DC?

Joe Cannon To DC?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 11, 2007

One of the league’s all-time best keepers could be on the move again this off-season. Steve Goff is reporting that a deal between the LA Galaxy and DC United for Joe Cannon could be in the works and may already be a done deal.

Its hard to even give reasons against this kind of move for DC. Cannon is one of the best keepers in the MLS, though sometimes his stats don’t tell you otherwise due to lousy defenses in front of him (those Colorado teams and this past year in LA).

A move means that DC keeper Troy Perkins, the 2006 MLS Keeper of the Year is going to be on the move in this deal. It isn’t a definite thing but more than likely the two keepers would have to swap places. Goff things he could be headed overseas, which means DC would get any kind of transfer fee for him since he signed a deal with United last year.

I really don’t know what to exactly make of this deal. Its good for DC, because it gives him a quality keeper to be between the pipes, now they just have to sure up the defense and they will definitely be contenders yet again in the east. For LA, I think this is purely a move to get another high contract off the books (Cannon is set to make around $200K in 2008). More than likely they will go after a younger, cheaper option at that position. Wouldn’t be totally shocked if they try and trade within the league for a keeper, if not go elsewhere this off-season and try to deal for a cheap option from South America or wherever.

As for if Perkins is on the move to Europe, expect a lower level league to pick him up, like a Danish  or Swedish league. I can’t see him going to a bigger league at this point really.