Johnston Staying As TFC Coach

Johnston Staying As TFC Coach

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 10, 2007

I talked a little bit last week about the weird rumors around Toronto FC and their coaching situation. You can put those rumors and talks to rest today as head coach Mo Johnston has come out and said publicly that he will stay on as head coach for the Reds.

The rumor got some steam when sites like reported that he was on his way out and that he was courting New England assistant Paul Mariner and head coach Steve Nicol. Both of whom have seemingly turned down any job with the Reds. It mainly started up because Toronto assistant Bob Gansler left Toronto after one season and Johnston was looking for his replacement.

According to sources, Johnston is looking for a top assistant who can handle some duties that most MLS head coaches handle, but Johnston has no intention of leaving his head coaching job. Currently, Johnston has complete control of the Reds’s soccer decisions so there is no real need for him to change his role.

Johnston’s real concern right now is to go forward in the off-season and find some key players to fill holes in the midfield and defense. Also he is hoping that the league is going to keep to their word and relax some of the restrictions that he has to face with his club and non-Canadian players. A rule that was pretty stupid to begin with.

I didn’t really believe Johnston would be leaving after one season with the Reds. He put way too much effort in making that club and any man would be stupid to leave that quickly with the type of support that this club has in Toronto. I can see Toronto being more of a threat next season but still coming up short on reaching the playoffs.