Mastroeni To San Jose?

Mastroeni To San Jose?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 7, 2007

Word has it around the league that the Colorado Rapids are looking to shop midfielder Pablo Mastroeni this off-season.

Sources tell me that now they are actively in talks with the expansion San Jose Earthquakes. A deal isn’t on the table just yet, and with the 2008 season months away Rapids are said to not be in any rush to move their star midfielder.

There had been reports of this a couple weeks ago that the Rapids would look to ship Mastroeni out this off-season. Honestly, it is a good move and a bad move at the same time. Bad in a way that they lose the face of their club and good in a way that they can still get some sort of value for him right now. If they waited another year or two they would get next to nothing in return in my mind.

I have trouble understanding why they would offer him up this off-season though. This club lacks any identity without him and has very little with him. If they can get some real value in return for him then I am totally fine with their moves here. I know they want a more attacking style of soccer next year and moving Pablo to get some offensive help would be that.

Though moving him to a club that only has 11 players at the moment and two of them being offensive style of players doesn’t strike me as an easy trade. I am guessing that if he were to go to San Jose it would be for some allocation and maybe a draft pick or two (maybe in 2009?).

Honestly, I am having trouble figuring out a side for Pablo to be traded to that the Rapids can get some offensive help in return. Maybe DC but I doubt they would go for his high contract when they are about to take on a DP player in Juan Sebastian Veron. Maybe a club like Dallas who has some young and cheap offensive talent, and we all know they need defensive help. It’s an idea for sure.

More on this to come…