KC Stadium Update

KC Stadium Update

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 6, 2007

The Kansas City Wizards are still struggling to gain any ground on a new stadium in the KC area.

KC Mayor Mark Funkhouser said yesterday he opposed an extraordinary tax breaks to help the Bannister Mall area redevelopment pla, something that apparently was vital to the projects plan. Funkhouser likes the plan for the redevelopment that included the new Wizards’ stadium but couldn’t sign off on a $43.5 million in Super Tax Increment Financing being requested as part of the package to help finance the development.

The full project with the Wizards’ stadium would also include a 12-field tournament-style soccer complex; a 250-room hotel; 609,000 square feet of retail space; and 610,500 square feet of office space.

The developers are seeking $273.3 million through a variety of local and state tax incentives to help finance the project.

The developers have sought a decision by the Kansas City Council by the end of December to meet a construction timetable that calls for the soccer stadium to be open by spring 2010.

The latest delay brings a slew of people calling for KC to just up and relocate to St. Louis or somewhere else altogether. Honestly, the longer this delay in getting a stadium in KC the more I think something like that will have to happen.

I think the new owners are going to push as much as they can but before long they may have to cut their losses and move out of the city. Logicially St. Louis would be a good location to move to and I think the MLS would be alright with it if it had to be done.

I am hopeful that this whole plan can get done in time for the Wizards and their fans. They need a stadium, not a football stadium or a minor league baseball stadium but a soccer stadium to call their own. Right now they don’t have that and I really don’t think they are even close to it here.

What should KC do here? Look for another location in KC to build. Tough it out for a couple more seasons while they look around and build elsewhere? Move out altogether?

Something needs to happen and something will happen soon enough. More to come on this story…