MLS Lightens Foreign Player Rules

MLS Lightens Foreign Player Rules

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 29, 2007

This is kind of a big deal to some so this will get posted and talked about in some length. But today, sources say that the MLS and the USSF are able to lighten the restrictions on foreign based players in the league.

Weeks back I heard rumors of the MLS ditching the current four senior international/three youth international player system and going to a system of just seven international players per roster with no age requirements.

The new proposal with the USSF will now include an extra player to make the tally to eight foreign players regardless of age. An announcement about this is expected to come in a matter of weeks. We should see this go into place unless something weird happens at the last second, but other wise expect this deal to go through.

This doesn’t mean that more foreign players will start to fly into the States to play in the MLS this winter. No, it more less means to me that clubs will have a better power of being able to sign younger, more affordable talent from around the world. So in that case, this is a very solid move on both the MLS and the USSF to go through with something like this.

Plus, with the addition of more clubs in the MLS in the coming years, this was something many called for the MLS to go to. It’s helped out a lot during the last couple rounds of expansion with Chivas, Salt Lake and Toronto in my book.

Also, DC United’s Tom Soehn, Kansas City’s Curt Onalfo, Real Salt Lake’s Jason Kreis and FC Dallas assistant Marco Ferruzzi attended a scouting combine in Argentina today to take a close look at approximately 60 player. After last seasons sucess of South American players it is no secret that more clubs will look closer at more talent from south of the border. Something that I called for months ago by clubs to do instead of getting out wasted talent from Europe looking to retire in America.

I think you can expect a hand-full or more of players from South America make their way up to the MLS in the coming year, doubling the tally that moved up here this past season.