Wednesday Kicker: News Around The League

Wednesday Kicker: News Around The League

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 28, 2007

Plenty of news going around the league here. Some here are things I found last night but wanted to hold off for this post this morning. Mainly this is a lot of little stuff that I wanted to expand on but not give each their own individual article.

I will start with something I found on Soccernet, that I wanted to write up in my own opinion. Steve Davis wrote about five things to watch out for this off-season. All excellent and most are what I was going to say anyways.

  1. Player Movement – lots of talk between now and up until the beginning of the season about who will stay and who will go. Some big names are potentially moving while it will be interesting to see what South American (and maybe European) talent comes over to play next year after the success of the 2007 season.
    • Jozy Altidore – to – Madrid: This story has legs but I really kind of hope it doesn’t happen for the youngster. I can understand his desire to move across the pond but I think it is too soon to a club that he will just warm the bench for. I don’t even believe he would be a “super-sub” type of player there just yet
    • Michael Parkhurst – to – Fulham: Another interesting story here. Parkhurst going to the most American based club in Europe, Fulham. A move that would be welcome by those who aren’t Revs fans. A move that I hate to see happen but wouldn’t be totally upset by it because I know its only a matter of time for him.
    • Juan Sebastian Veron – to – DC United: DC has been after this guy for months and will continue to do so I think until they land him. Expect this guy in a Black-and-Red jersey next year.
    • Jamie Moreno – to – retire: Likely to happen I think.
    • Christian Gomez – to – somewhere other than DC: He wants a bigger contract and will probably get it elsewhere, especially if Veron is on his way in.
  2. Expansion – Davis had his as expansion and ownership, I will leave this at just expansion.
    • Philly – We will have to wait for another couple weeks to see if Philly can get money from their state government to build a stadium before we will know if they will be in the MLS in 2009 with Seattle or not.
    • St. Louis – Some are concerned that enthusiast Jeff Cooper (who is leading the charge in the ‘Lou) isn’t rich enough to get this city a club by 2009. Some want him to get a little more cash in his own bank before he really gets behind a MLS club. I can totally understand that too, if he doesn’t have enough cash to compete with the LA’s and New York’s just yet then he needs to hold off until he can.
    • 15 clubs in 2009 – if we hear nothing by the end of December on Philly we may end up with only 15 clubs in the 2009 season. I honestly don’t think this will happen. Either Philly or St. Louis will get a club. Its just a matter of which one right now.
    • 18 clubs by 2011 or 2012 – I think getting that 16th club named by the end of this year will really go a long way in figuring out who else will join to make this an 18-club league. I see another New York club joining, and maybe, just maybe another Canadian team. More than likely it will be another New York and then Philly or St. Louis (which one that doesn’t get in this time around).
  3. San Jose rumblings – no pun intended here, but expect San Jose to still shake things up here in the coming weeks and months. With the SuperDraft around the corner I can expect more deals to be made as Yallop builds his club.
  4. SuperDraft – I am really curious about this upcoming SuperDraft. I really expect a lot of interesting deals to be made with some clubs like Dallas and LA having so many picks.
  5. Allocation Money Spending – This sort of goes with the player movement, but I am going to do a follow up on this later on here. Some clubs have more money through allocation than others. San Jose will get some for being an expansion club. LA, Toronto, Columbus, Colorado, and Real will all get the “you suck” money for missing the playoffs. It will be interesting to see this stuff get traded around as well.

Other interesting news that I heard about:

Seattle has gone over the 8000 mark on season tickets. Wow. Not too many clubs can say that and this club hasn’t even played a second in the MLS. Good for Seattle and for the league. So far things look like they made the right move giving them a club.


Dallas midfielder Arturo Alvarez has been in France on trial at Bordeaux. That according to Buzz at 3rdDegree. Arty is a good young player that I really wonder how long he will stay in Dallas and with the MLS. He’s probably a year or two away though from actually going across the pond.


Houston forward Joseph Ngwenya is in Germany on trial at Alemannia Aachen. Another young gun on trail. One of the many that I expect to go abroad this winter on trail to get some training and exposure over there. I think Houston would be wise to lock this kid up for a few years to be safe.


MLS Off-season Friendlies
-Tue Nov 27
Sydney 5-3 LA Galaxy – 80,000 attended the match where Golden Balls scored. Yay.


More to come today….stay tuned…