Dorman To England?

Dorman To England?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 20, 2007

Yup, that’s what New England manager Steve Nicol thinks. Andy Dorman to some British club. Probably the biggest reason why they put him on the unprotected list for tomorrow’s expansion draft.

I kind of think this is a bluff in a way on New England’s part to just dump a guy like Dorman to a lesser club like an expansion team. It also reminds me of last year when Toronto called Chicago’s bluff of Nate Jaqua and grabbed him and then later shipping him off to LA. As we know Jaqua stayed with the MLS instead of bolting to a club across the pond like he wanted to.

I think this will be a similar situation with Dorman. Sure he has talent to play in England but I doubt any EPL club or even really a Champions division club picking him up this winter. Maybe he could get a chance at a lower level European league but even that seems to be a stretch in my mind at this point.

More than likely he will resign with the MLS and end up somewhere other than San Jose or New England. But this is just food for thought right now.

What do you all think of this news? Is Dorman good enough to go elsewhere or will he be in a MLS uniform next season?