Monday Morning Free Kicks: MLS Cup Edition

Monday Morning Free Kicks: MLS Cup Edition

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 19, 2007

Weird to think but as of today the season is over. Yes the 2007 MLS season is over and just as we finished the 2006 season the Houston Dynamo are on top of the league. Don’t call it a dynasty yet, I still believe aside from the early DC United champions that this league is a little too young to give out dynasty labels to anyone other than DC just yet. However Houston is mighty close I think.

What can I say about yesterday’s game. It was a very good MLS Cup, probably one of the better ones that I have watched in recent years. New England appeared to be on their way to their first title but give credit where it is due to Houston for battling back and winning the game.

Now when we think of this New England side, are they the MLS version of the Buffalo Bills? I think so, sure the Bills went to four straight SuperBowls and came up empty in each, but this is now the fourth Cup for the Revs that they walk away with nothing to show for. I hate to dwell in that label but the Revs still aren’t over that hump yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if they finally decide to go out this off season and get a big enough name to try and put them over the top for next season. Though I wouldn’t be shocked either if they continue the path that they are on and that is finding amazing talent in the MLS draft.

How about it though for Houston? Only DC has done what the Dynamo have done and that is win two in a row. I also hate to pat myself on the back here but a little over a year ago I said the Dynamo would repeat. Sure, it was probably the easiest and safest bets going on in the league to call the Orange as repeat champs but  it happened to be that way.

It is kinda nice having this season over too. Right in time for the holidays and drafts. This week will be busy with the expansion draft and then the slew of trades that go along with it. If last year is any indication this will just be a draft to move some journey men around the league some more. Houston needs to be aware though, I think they could get it hard in this draft if they aren’t careful about who they protect.

My wonder now remains on the man who scored the winning goal in the game yesterday. Dewayne De Rosario. A lot can be said about this guy and the season he had. But when time came to it in the playoffs he showed his true colors and really made me realize how good he can be. Houston did resign him this season but I wonder if it was enough to make him happy or if he will try to play the market this off season. You have to believe that his hometown of Toronto will probably try and make a deal for him and give him some more money. I can definitely see Mo Johnston doing such the thing.

The season may be over, but now the fun really begins for some people like my self. Keeping up with off season deals and news if going to be interesting this year. I can bet a number of guys will be jumping across the pond this winter, while some guys from South America will travel north and make an impact once again in the league next season.

What did you all make of yesterday’s game? Also feel free to put your input in on this week’s expansion draft. The soccer on the field may be over for now but there is a lot of work still to be done here in preparation for next year.