MLS Confirms Seattle Announcement

MLS Confirms Seattle Announcement

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 9, 2007

We know this much is going to happen. Seattle will be an expansion site in 2009.

“I can confirm that commissioner Don Garber is going to travel to Seattle for an announcement Tuesday of the expansion of Major League Soccer for the future into the Seattle market,” Dan Courtemanche said.

Courtemanche said the team, which has been rumored to be coming for months and will likely play at Qwest Field at least initially, could begin competing as soon as the spring of ’09. He said confirmation of exactly when the Seattle franchise will debut will be part of Tuesday’s announcement.

So what does everyone make of this news? We all knew about the announcement but now that things are a little more official and not just a rumor. Most of you know my Seattle feelings but I want to hear yours. Share your thoughts below along with what you think the team will be called and what not.