MLS Expansion: Philly in the Mix

MLS Expansion: Philly in the Mix

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 22, 2007

The weekend may have been about the final regular season games in the MLS but some expansion hopefuls were still sticking their nose in the papers.

This time Philly is sticking their nose out and taking steps forward to get their feet on the field in the next round of expansion. Just as in St. Louis, a local suburb of Philly (Chester, PA) has agreed to a $30 million soccer stadium. The funds are coming from slot revenues at Delaware County casinos. The Philly group lead by Jay Sugarman, will now take their case to the league head offices and hope to present their final proposal for an expansion site.

This news makes things very, very interesting in the 2010 (or 2009) expansion with many believing Seattle and St. Louis are in the front for a club. Also throw in the possibility of Portland too and this is clearly anyones race as each city will be good to go in the next couple years for a MLS club.

Philly also has great support already (much like Toronto did before they came into the league this past season), something the league will definitely take into consideration. The more season tickets a candidate city can get out before the league decides the better I would say. It worked for Toronto and I can imagine it will work for Philly, Seattle, St. Louis, Portland or whatever other city will pop up between now and MLS Cup.