MLS Awards: Newcomer Voting

MLS Awards: Newcomer Voting

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 17, 2007

Part two of my award voting goes into the newest of MLS awards, the MLS Newcomer Award.

This award may be either the easiest to predict and vote or the toughest because it falls alot in line with the league’s MVP award. I am kind of hoping that people vote differently for this award than what they do with the MVP award basically because they are two completely different awards in my opinion. The MVP award is given to the best player, the one that makes the most difference, and the one that has the most value to his club. The Newcomer award is based on who is the best signing, transfer, or pick-up for a club in the past season.

However it will be tough to pick over whoever wins the MVP award for this one. Same as earlier today it comes down to Emilio and Angel.

And same as earlier it will go to Angel.

Why is Juan Pablo Angel the best newcomer in the league? Simple he has made New York worth watching for once. DC is always worth watching in the MLS and without Emilio most people would still watch them, however without Angel New York would be very unwatchable.

This is a real no brainier in my mind to give this award and the MVP to Angel because he is probably the most consistent player in the league right now in terms of production and leading a team to three points.

After those Angel my voting will look something like this (technically you only vote for one person but I will show my top 5 or 6 like I did for the MVP to show who else could get votes):

  • Luciano Emilio, DC – see above and the earlier post on the MVP for reason for Emilio
  • Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Columbus – Have to give love to GBS. He like Angel have given people a reason to watch the Crew for once this season. He may be aging but you wouldn’t know it as he pretty much lead the Crew to nearly a playoff birth. Here’s to hoping that the Crew build around GBS a little more in the off season and make themselves a real contender in 2008
  • Maykel Galindo, Chivas USA – another fairly easy pick, up until a week or two ago many (like myself) would have voted him for this award but he slipped off a little too much at the end of the season, though could get some last minute votes with some goals against Houston this weekend
  • Blanco, Chicago Fire – gosh I can’t say I like this guy at all but I cannot deny what he has done for the Fire this season and what he means to that club going into the playoffs and next year. He truly is what a DP should be in this league, the Fire took the risk and it is paying off nicely for them.
  • Juan Toja, FC Dallas – sure, a bit of a homer pick on my part but a couple months ago (before he got hurt) many would have voted him for this award hands down. The crazy hair is gaining a lot of attention and the Hoops would be silly to let him go next year (he is on loan right now).