MLS Awards: MVP Voting

MLS Awards: MVP Voting

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 17, 2007

This is the start of what I hope to be a slight break down of how I will vote in the post season awards that are coming up in the league. I still begin with the biggie, the league MVP. I will try to give my top 5 or 6 if I can and reason for who is getting what. Feel free to argue for or against certain selections.

I also know there is still some soccer in the regular season to be played but I am pretty dead set in who I am voting for at this point.

So the league MVP. Lots to think about in this one because it can go to the best player, the (most deserving) player from any team, or knowing the MLS the player who is overrated enough to win it (ala Landon Donovan).

Anyways, this year it really comes down to two players: DC’s Luciano Emilio and New York’s Juan Pablo Angel.

Emilio’s stat line: 20 goals (current league leader) and 1 assist in 28 games
Angel’s stat line: 19 goals (second behind Emilio) and 4 assists in 24 games

Honestly the deal breaker for me isn’t Emilio’s league leading tally anymore. Though impressive I honestly think that if he wasn’t apart of DC’s roster this season it wouldn’t matter all that much to DC’s success and that they would have found ways to score and be where they are now. Sure 20 goals help along the way, take out his stats and they are still +3 in the goal differential department.

Angel’s stats look more impressive because before he arrived the Red Bulls had no clear striker for the season. Along with a shaky defense, if you take away those 19 goals the Red Bulls are a terrible club that doesn’t make the playoffs, simple as that. That’s why they call this the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, meaning take him away and the club has nothing, can’t do a thing, won’t look good, won’t win, etc., etc.

You can also see a more detailed look between these two by Ives, naturally he picked Angel, but for once I agree with him on this pick. Too many good stats to ignore here.

In my mind it is easy to give Juan Pablo Angel the 2007 MLS MVP award.

Now Emilio is a decent second in my mind and could still win the award with a couple goals on Saturday. But I think Angel is the best bet to win.

As far as some others that could get votes:

  • Shalrie Joesph, New England – Biggest part of New England’s success this season
  • Ante Razov, Chivas USA – could have been in the discussion with Emilio and Angel until a bad injury ended his season and possibly his playoffs…great stats though on the season 11 goals and 8 assists, that’s MVP-like in my books
  • Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Columbus – the biggest reason why the Crew were in it for so long, this man
  • Brad Guzan, Chivas USA – best keeper gets some love here from me as well

Others that will get votes because the league is predictable like that:

  • Landon Donovan, LA – if and only if they reach the playoffs, though still could be on some ballots
  • Maykel Galindo, Chivas USA – good story, and good stats
  • Eddie Johnson, KC Wizards – everyone loves EJ for some reason, I don’t buy it though, too inconsistent for my taste
  • Taylor Twellman, New England – plenty of goals but didn’t do anything great to get my attention this season
  • Ben Olsen, DC – actually just missed out on my top 6 really, it came down to him and Guzan and I loved how Guzan played this season a bit more than Olsen, but he is a good enough candidate in my book

That is my vote there, Juan Pablo Angel; along with other reasons and excuses for other candidates. Feel free to comment below on your MVP or blast my reasons.