MLS Power Rankings: Week 28

MLS Power Rankings: Week 28

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 16, 2007

So it comes down to this. One more week of action and things are already getting more interesting than we expected them to be. Results in this ranking do reflect last night’s game between Houston and RSL however since I wrote them after the game had finished.

1. (1) DC United (55 pts.) – Wrapped up the second straight Supporter’s Shield trophy. Good enough to not move at all again. End on a high note this weekend against Columbus or pack things in and rest key players for the playoffs?

2. (4) Houston Dynamo (51 pts.) – The win over RSL puts the Dynamo in prime position to move ahead of Chivas in the west on the final weekend. Could the Dynamo be the hotter club out west going into the playoffs? I think so, but they do not want to face LA if the Galaxy squeak in. Must at least get a draw against Chivas to get the nod over the Goats or else it is a date with Dallas, which might be better anyways for their title defense.

3. (2) CD Chivas USA (52 pts.) – They just aren’t playing like that Chivas team from a couple weeks ago now. I think their run is about as good as dead here going into the playoffs. Dropped their first home game of the season at a terrible time I think, especially to a club like Colorado. Gives Houston even more of a chance this weekend.

4. (3) New England Revolution (49 pts.) – Losing to the Crew didn’t look pretty, but what more is worse is losing to the Crew this late in the season before the playoffs in my mind. If I am New York, I am watching that Columbus game for tips on how to win in New England.

5. (5) Chicago Fire (37 pts.) – Moved ahead of Kansas City going into the final weekend. A win or draw against LA will more than do it to get the Fire in. I think a draw is the more likely of the two though.

6. (6) FC Dallas (44 pts.) – Still not rating others above the Hoops, sure it is a homer thing to do but I still don’t see how on earth you can say a New York is better off than Dallas at the moment. Anyways, the Hoops should have won the game against Chivas last week but will be able to end the Wizard’s hopes and dreams on Saturday. Also, if I am Dallas, I am starting Ray Burse in goal in the playoffs, not Dario Sala.

7. (7) Red Bull New York (42 pts.) – Needs to keep winning before the playoffs to have any chance I think of moving on out of the first round. Jon Conway seems like the candidate to be between the pipes in the playoffs too. Doesn’t need to do much against LA this week though before things move forward to the playoffs.

8. (8) LA Galaxy (33 pts.) – Two wins from the playoffs, and possibly just four points from the playoffs this week. Wasn’t a great game agaisnt Toronto but it was enough to get the three points and that is what counts right now for LA. Will the wet-dream of the league come true and David Beckham play in the playoffs or will the Galaxy be wishing for more time?

9. (10) Colorado Rapids (35 pts.) – They keep giving themselves a shot here. And with a game against RSL this week at home you have to think they could very well sneak in the playoffs as well. Sad really because this team is pathetic for the most part. They are finally finding out that their younger players like Omar Cummings are the best options that they have to win.

10. (9) Kansas City Wizards (37 pts.) – They are giving us every reason to doubt them at the moment of reaching the playoffs again. Three straight years that the Wizards go into the final game of the season with a chance to reach the playoffs or fail doing so. After all of our beating of the Wizards in recent weeks be enough to give them motivation to get over the hump or will it just be that we were right all along and they were just terribly overrated from the start? We will see.

11. (11) Columbus Crew (34 pts.) – Poor Crew, they did their part on Saturday and won on the road but it wasn’t enough. Too little too late I am afraid but that is life for the Crew anymore. Time to look to the draft and off season trades and transfers.

12. (12) Real Salt Lake (24 pts.) – I think they may have given up on being the spoiler anymore. Though they still have one more shot at playing spoiler this weekend against their Mountain Cup rival Colorado. Always nice to beat a rival to close out a season.

13. (13) Toronto FC (24 pts.) – So, who all is this club going to save in the up coming expansion draft? Well that is a topic for another day. Its been an interesting expansion season for the Reds to say the least.