MLS Weekend Preview

MLS Weekend Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 12, 2007

One of the last weekends in the league is shaping up to be a real barn-burner here. After last night’s draw between Chivas and Dallas, things are fairly tight at the top of the table while other clubs are hoping to get in at the bottom on the playoff bracket.

Speaking on the Dallas – Chivas game, how bad was the ref last night in that game? Bad calls left and right made the game uglier than it already was. A red card to Dallas defender Bobby Rhine for ‘abusive language’? Come on, this goes back to a Toronto-Colorado game earlier in the season where a Toronto player was carded for the same reason on a play that had no meaning and didn’t even seem like he was directing his frustrations at anyone (more importantly I would think abusive language would start a fight of some sort between players and it didn’t).

Also, poor crowd last night in Dallas on what was a beautiful day in the Metroplex. Believe me, it would have been a great night for soccer in the weather that we had here in Dallas yesterday. Sub-10,000 crowd for the first time since April.

Anyways, the biggest news out of the 0-0 draw was Ante Razov’s knee injury. Why Preki and Chivas even played Razov in the game was the biggest question I had. They had no need to even suit him up in my opinion when I hear at the start of the contest that he was getting over a slight injury. Probably no playoffs for Razov, which might kill Chivas’s chance at reaching the MLS Cup this season.

Does that change any of my predictions for the weekend? We will find out…but probably not for those reading yesterday.

Chicago Fire – at – DC United

Chicago had a dumb midweek game with Cruz Azul while DC was home resting up for this weekend’s match. Will the Fire be laggy in this one? Probably some will like Blanco who played a half of soccer in that friendly. But looking at the match report, Chicago wisely used a lot of reserves in the game and didn’t sub in a lot of key starters. What will it do for this weekend’s game however will have to be decided tomorrow night.

I still like a draw with these clubs really. Chicago is fighting for their playoff life here while DC is just doing enough right now to win their second straight Supporter’s Shield trophy. DC will be excited to see that Chivas drew Dallas last night and now that they are on even playing in terms of numbe of games played, United may want to put the final blow on the Goats in the standings this weekend with a win.

But with two clubs playing very hungry soccer, it only makes me want to call it a draw even more. Partly because I am sure DC will be resting some players up as well in this one seeing that it is a home game with two games left in the season before the playoffs start. Its a wise move that coach Tom Soehn has been doing in recent weeks.

WVH Prediction: DC 1, Chicago 1

Columbus Crew – at – New England Revolution

The Crew are basically out of the playoff race now without actually being eliminated. Their schedule as we all know is horrible in the final two weeks with trips to the east’s best clubs. New England really has a slim hope of catching DC and is probably now slowly preparing for New York in the opening round of the playoffs.

I think Columbus will still come out in this one and play with a lot of heart. They seem to play the Revs pretty tight this season with two draws in games that saw lots of goals (2-2 draw in April and 3-3 draw in June). The game in June was at New England so it makes me wonder what type of game we will see here tomorrow night. First off New England had no Taylor Twellman, Steve Ralston, or Michael Parkhurst in that game, hense the reason for the three goals given up.

This one could be wild as well but I am figuring New England will put the Crew down and win-out this season series.

WVH Prediction: New England 3, Columbus 1

Kansas City Wizards – at – New York Red Bulls

Probably the most interesting matchup of the weekend in my opinion. In the past years the last playoff spot in the east has come down to these two clubs on the final weeks of the regular season. Each of the lat two season New York has done just enough to get by the Wizards by either beating them on the final day of the season or beating someone else while the Wizards come up short. This one will be just that I think.

I expect some goals in this one as well. The last two games have seen a 3-2 Wizards win and a 3-3 draw in New York. Those games were on back-to-back weeks on the schedule in June at a time that both clubs were looking better than they actually were.

A lot has change since those matches and I see New York being the better side on this one. KC has just fell down the standings in recent weeks (if not months) with their poor play. Also, they haven’t won on the road since the end of May. I’ve been saying for weeks that I don’t like their defense and it is a reason why they will miss the playoffs.

They do have a chance to clinch but I doubt they will even take advantage of it this weekend and will be hoping for the best next weekend in Dallas. Expect a wild one though in this one with plenty of goals.

WVH Prediction: New York 3, Kansas City 2

Toronto FC – at – LA Galaxy

You have to think with the recent success that the Galaxy are on that this game looks like a total pushover right? Yup, you guessed it, this should be a real easy win for the Galaxy. Toronto is a terrible road club and I don’t even see a real reason to give this game a full preview and thought because I just don’t see the Reds pulling out three points or even a draw in this one. I am not saying the Galaxy are this great superclub or anything but I just believe that LA will beat Toronto tomorrow night and help make things even more interesting.

WVH Prediction: LA Galaxy 2, Toronto 0

Colorado Rapids – at – Chivas USA

How Chivas responds with the news to Ante Razov will be a big question. I think they will be able to bounce back at home in this one mostly because they are still on pace to become the best home-side that this league has ever seen. Also, the Rapids are pretty bad on the road this season.

Chivas already dumped the Rapids once 2-0 at home this seaon back in June at the start of that horrible run that the Rapids went on. The Rapids haven’t seen three points on the road since May when they beat New York 1-0, and really haven’t seen points on the road in weeks.

I will also make this one short and sweet and say that Chivas will have their way with this one and knock the Rapids out of playoff contention.

WVH Prediction: Chivas 1, Colorado 0