MLS Expansion: St. Louis Clearing Hurdles

MLS Expansion: St. Louis Clearing Hurdles

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 12, 2007

The city of St. Louis is getting closer and closer to an expansion bid as they have recently cleared another hurdle in getting a soccer stadium in a nearby suburb.

The Collinsville City Council has voted unanimously to rezone the property for the 18,500-seat stadium Jeff Cooper and St. Louis Soccer United wants to build. The land also has to go through a couple more reviews but those are just a formality.

The next step will be a site plan for the project’s first phase.

Cooper is hoping to have a club fielded by 2009. If this is the case it looks like in 2009 there could be two clubs going into the league instead of the league doing a round of expansion in 2010 like it was originally planned. This is a good step forward for St. Louis and for the league I think. Hopefully this city can get a stadium in place and get the all important expansion bid.