MLS Playoffs: A Deeper Look

MLS Playoffs: A Deeper Look

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 11, 2007

I have to say the deeper this week drags on the more and more I keep looking at the schedules here and trying to figure out who will get to face who and how many points each club will end up with. I figure in my time of research and guesses I will share what I think will be the final MLS standings for the season. Yes, I am pretty much throwing out predictions for the remaining games. More than likely these will easily change over the next few days knowing me but its still fun and worth a discussion.

My Prediction at the Final MLS Standings:
Team: (Current Points) – Projected Final Points
DC United: (54 points) – 58 points: Supporter’s Shield winner
Chivas USA (51 points) – 56 points: West winner
New England Revolution (49 points) – 55 points: east runner-up
Houston Dynamo (48 points) – 50 points: west runner-up
FC Dallas (43 points) – 47 points: wild card
New York Red Bulls (39 points) – 42 points: wild card
Chicago Fire (36 points) – 38 points: wild card
LA Galaxy (30 points) – 37 points: wild card
Kansas City Wizards (37 points) – 37 points: loses out on head-to-head with LA
Colorado Rapids (32 points) – 35 points
Columbus Crew (31 points) – 31 points
Real Salt Lake (24 points) – 25 points
Toronto FC (24 points) – 24 points

Playoff match-ups:
East: DC United v. Chicago Fire
New England Revolution v. New York Red Bulls

West: Chivas USA v. LA Galaxy
Houston Dynamo v. FC Dallas

Eastern Conference Analysis and reason:

DC United: Currently lead the league with 54 points with two games left. I really think they just need positive points in their final two game to wrap up the regular season crown. A draw against Chicago and a win over Columbus will do just that.

New England: Even with two wins they have no shot of catching and passing DC in the league standings. Still finishing up with 55 points isn’t too shabby either.

New York: Gets into the playoffs on a loss and other teams losing. I think in their final two they will win one (KC) and lose one (LA) giving them 42 points. Decent but not great at all really.

Chicago: Two draws will move them up in the standings and give them the 7th seed and not the 8th seed. However losing one game will make things mighty interesting.

Kansas City: I think they will lose out here and miss the playoffs because of head-to-head with LA. Same goes for if LA wins out and beats Chicago, their head-to-head with the Fire isn’t any better.

Columbus: No way they will win either of their final two road games in New England and DC. Just don’t see it happening Crew fans.

Toronto: Same goes for the Reds, two losses to LA and New England.

Western Conference Analysis and Reason:

Chivas USA: Could catch DC if they slip up and do draw Chicago but I think they will draw both Texan clubs (Dallas, Houston) and beat Colorado at home. Still 56 points is pretty nice too.

Houston: I honestly see them getting two draws to close out the season. Both games are on the road and the Dynamo are completely different these days without Ricado Clark. Getting 50 points will be more than enough to hold off Dallas from passing them as well.

Dallas: The Hoops will draw one (Chivas) and win one (KC) giving them 47 points going into the playoffs. Not bad, but also not great as well.

LA: Here is the tricky thing. With the streak that the Gals are on they could win out but I think they will win two (NY and TFC) and draw one (Chicago), pushing them out of the playoff picture. That game with Chicago really will determine who goes and all.

Colorado: A win over Real and a loss to LA will finish their season out at 35 points. Just ugly.

Real Salt Lake: A draw (Houston) and a loss (Colorado) to close out the season.

Should be an interesting final two weeks huh? Probably half or more of this won’t happen and things will be just as fun here. What’s your end of season predictions here? Email or post below.