MLS Week 26 Power Rankings

MLS Week 26 Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 2, 2007

Hard to believe that we are in the final few weeks of the regular season here in the MLS. Still plenty to be played for here as we go into the final few weeks of the season. Not a whole lot of change in these rankings either. Most of the top remains the same while some clubs near the bottom are moving around.

1. (1) DC United (53 pts.) – Still looking very good to win the Supporter’s Shield for a second straight year. Fred was named the MLS Player of the Week, and rightfully so in my eyes. If they win out from here they will finish with a nice 62 points. A 60+ point season has only been done a twice (1998 – LA; 2005 – San Jose). That will also be good for third best all-time in regards to regular season points. A trip to KC is on tap for this week, the Wizards will be missing a few too many for this one.

2. (2) CD Chivas USA (48 pts.) – Another draw and they may slip down to 4th in my rankings, but for now I am keeping them right here at the number 2 spot because whatever funk they are in could either be erased against Real this week or made worse. Again, the Goats will decide that if they stay here or drop down.

3. (3) New England Revolution (49 pts.) – Some will probably move the Revs or Houston up but honestly, a win over Colorado at this stage in the season doesn’t make me want to move this club anywhere. Plus it was a late goal that won the game; an offense like New England should have had their way with the Rapids last week. Look for a draw this weekend in Chicago too.

4. (4) Houston Dynamo (48 pts.) – Only reason why I didn’t move the Dynamo up is because they beat a club that has looked awful for weeks now. Plus the way the game ended was pretty bad looking, kicks to the face in the 89th minute when you are up 3-0 shouldn’t happen…well they shouldn’t happen anytime but when the game is over it is over, Rico should have left it at that. Now with no Clark I am interested to see how they respond to the suspension.

5. (6) Chicago Fire (33 pts.) – Tie by damn tie should be their motto. Seriously though, they draw the next couple games and they will probably reach the playoffs. Weird.

6. (5) FC Dallas (40 pts.) – Should they be lower? Yes, but who would you put above them at this point in the season? KC? New York? Certainly not Columbus or Colorado. Still have no way of putting LA above them. Yeah, the Hoops are here, I put Chicago because at least the Fire are getting points against quality clubs, something the Hoops can’t say its happening. A trip to Columbus this week will either delay the playoff clinching for another week or make the playoff clinching finally happen.

7. (7) Red Bull New York (39 pts.) – I am sorry to say but the Red Bulls haven’t played all that much better than clubs like Dallas or Chicago in my opinion to move them up and near the top of the pack. Really after the first four clubs it is total shit from the rest of the way down. New York is still treading on thin ice here but should be able to clinch with an easy win over Toronto this week.

8. (8) Kansas City Wizards (36 pts.) – How they are still in the position they are in, I will never know. What I do know is they shot themselves in the foot by getting red cards to two important players to their club last week against LA in that 1-0 loss. With a really good DC club coming into town this week, I doubt the Wizards have anything to hold off their attack.

9. (9) Columbus Crew (31 pts.) – Poor Crew, so close against the Galaxy, yet not close enough. Probably should get points out of Dallas this week though to make up for it before their final two games on the road.

10. (12) LA Galaxy (27 pts.) – Big movers of the week is the Galaxy after a six point week on the road. Their hopes are still in it even though it is a pretty big long shot. Still don’t see them making the playoffs but you have to admit that they have finally come together in recent weeks and have looked good in the process. Houston should knock them back down to earth this weekend though.

11. (11) Real Salt Lake (24 pts.) – I like Real sometimes, especially when they delay another club’s chance at the post season. Not to mention they are playing like a club that has nothing to lose at the moment. They could hurt Chivas’s chances at the Supporter’s Shield this weekend, something tells me that a draw is on the way between those two clubs.

12. (10) Colorado Rapids (29 pts.) – Even though they are still technically in contention here, they are not in my mind. Even with an easy schedule on the way they are not. They are done, finished, and every other adjective that means over right now. Though a game with Toronto this week could be interesting to see.
13. (13) Toronto FC (21 pts.) – Speaking of finished, this club has a two game week here. I see two goals and one point.