Updated Remaining Schedules and Other Madness

Updated Remaining Schedules and Other Madness

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 1, 2007

Lots of people have been talking up the Rico Clark moment from yesterday’s Dallas-Houston game. Which will really have some implications on the final couple games of the seasons for both teams. Some people were outraged by it and others flat out loved the fact that Rico tried to boot Ruiz to section 108 of Pizza Hut Park.

Even though I am a Hoops fan I won’t deny that Ruiz probably, more than likely, brought the kick on from his actions. It’s just typical Ruiz if you ask me. My first reaction to seeing that they were in some sort of altercation at the end of the game was “that’s just Carlos being Carlos”.

Anyways, the task at hand is the schedules and the points I have been making about each. Its funny how a few weeks ago there was such a gulf in the class between the top four or five clubs and everyone else. Now it’s broken up a little more than just the four and everyone else (I ran across another version of this but felt like making it a little more of my own):

In the playoffs and looking good: DC United, Chivas USA, New England, Houston
So close yet so far away: FC Dallas, New York Red Bulls
Confused, tired, a bit lost: Kansas City
Doing it all, tie by damn tie: Chicago
Thinking they are alive yet they really should be exploring options for next season: Colorado, Columbus, LA
Scouting possibly draft picks like no other: Real Salt Lake, Toronto FC

You really could almost put Dallas and New York in the same boat as KC. Dallas fans are exploring ways to fix their club, even though I feel it is probably three games too-late for it.

LA is a wild card for me right now. Though I still know they won’t make the playoffs, they are making it more interesting by each game. They need at least 9 points in the next four games to even have hope. Thankfully for clubs like KC and Chicago, LA plays on the road a bit too much during this stretch.

No one clinched this past weekend so here is what everyone has left to work with.

Chicago Fire (3 games)
NE (10/6); @ DCU (10/13); LA (10/21)

  • Tie by damn tie is so true for this club but I still think they will pass KC, probably will a win over New England this weekend
  • Blanco looks tired still…not to mention they have a friendly in there to make a three-game week ahead…yippie!!!
  • Even with all of this madness, the Fire really, more than likely, draw all their games from here out and still make the playoffs

Chivas USA (4 games)
@ RSL (10/6); @ FCD (10/11); COL (10/14); HOU (10/20)

  • Trap games ahead for the Goats, more so the trap game is with Real more so than with Dallas
  • Some reason they look a little out of it right now, slowing down and really looking like they won’t win the Supporter’s Shield…and maybe even their chances at winning the west are in doubt, these two road games will let us know that for sure
  • I guess that game with Houston will determine the west’s best club in the end

Colorado Rapids (3 games)
TFC (10/7); @CUSA (10/14); RSL (10/20)

  • You would think, at least, there has to be six points in the two home games here for the Rapids…has to be
  • Toronto should be a boost but only to come back down to earth against Chivas
  • Real game will determine if Clavijo keeps his job for next season or not

Columbus Crew (3 games)
FCD (10/6); @ NE (10/13); @ DC (10/20)

  • Hope still remains with a half-hearted Dallas coming to town this week.
  • A win over Dallas will put them in a real shot but those two road games are killer at the end of the season
  • A win and two draws will get them in the playoffs…I actually believe that at this point

DC United (3 games + Copa Sud.)
@ KC (10/5); CHI (10/13); CC (10/20)

  • Will probably repeat as Supporter’s Shield champs, just don’t see them dropping game at all unless its a draw in the next two
  • Say what you will be this club has been too damn healthy for their own good this season…its kinda annoying really, but good if you are a DC fan
  • Beating KC will knock the Wizards out for good I think this weekend…it makes sense to me that it will happen that way

FC Dallas (3 games + US Open Cup final on 10/3)
@ CC (10/6); CUSA (10/11); KC (10/20)

  • Only thing really to hope for is the US Open Cup right now, playoffs will come with a draw in Columbus this weekend but something tells me Dallas will wait another week to clinch
  • No Ruiz for two games isn’t the worst of all for Dallas, its getting Denilson to actually be productive…probably the second worst DP signing this season
  • Probably no more than five points in their last three here…still good enough to get in

Houston Dynamo (3 games)
LA (10/7); @ RSL (10/15); @ CUSA (10/20)

  • The break did what it was suppose to do, heal up some players for the final few games and the playoffs
  • Losing Rico Clark hurts but the Dynamo have won plenty without him this season
  • Trap game in Real next week though, beware of Real if you are in orange! Madness has happened before there!

Kansas City Wizards (3 games)
DC (10/5); @ RBNY (10/13); @ FCD (10/20)

  • Before the suspension that this team would face I liked their chances against DC, now, not so much
  • You think they are playoff bound but I really only see two points maybe even just one point out of these last three games…not good enough to stay alive I think
  • Speak of Dallas trailing off at the end of the season, that game with the Hoops could determine if KC goes to the playoffs or gets an early off season again

Los Angeles (4 games)
@ HOU (10/7); TFC (10/13); RBNY (10/18); @ CHI (10/21)

  • Didn’t see them winning two in a row last week (three in a row over all), won’t happen again though
  • We know they need 9 or 10 to make the playoffs, I really only see seven, maybe eight
  • Tough final week too, host New York and then travels to Chicago…tough, tough schedule

New England Revolution (3 games + US Open Cup final of 10/3)
@ CHI (10/6); CC (10/13); @ TFC (10/22)

  • They win the US Open Cup, they will be fine in the playoffs when they have to face DC;however a loss will only mean another exit in the playoffs and no MLS Cup this season
  • Should still get seven points here in the final three though
  • Finishing off Colorado pretty much helped them think they will still have a shot at the Supporter’s Shield this season…think again though Revs fan

Red Bull New York (3 games)
@ TFC (10/4); KC (10/13); @ LA (10/18)

  • New York will finally enter post season status this week against Toronto…mark it down
  • Three win-able games here, I think they will match-up well against a pissed off and confused KC squad
  • Nine points is the goal, but it won’t do shit in regards to moving up the ladder in the east, third place is all their own

Real Salt Lake (3 games)
CUSA (10/6); HOU (10/15); @ COL (10/20)

  • Real has the best shot of ending Chivas’s Supporter’s Shield dreams this weekend…even with a draw
  • Real has the best shot of ending Houston’s chances of winning the west…even with a draw
  • Real has the best shot of ending Colorado’s hopes and dreams of the playoffs…probably with a win…gotta love a team that sucks all year and then gets decent at the end and spoils everyone’s hopes and dreams

Toronto FC (4 games)
RBNY (10/4); @ COL (10/7); @ LA (10/13); NE (10/20)

  • Maybe, just maybe there is a point or two left in the basket for the Reds this season
  • I wonder if Mo is exploring options for a trade already for next season by now
  • How much you wanna bet the first draft pick Toronto uses next season is a striker?