MLS Prime-Time Preview

MLS Prime-Time Preview

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 27, 2007

The LA summer/fall tour rolls into Kansas City this week for a prime-time clash. Lots of playoff implications on this game as somehow the Galaxy are “still” in contention of reaching the playoffs; while the Wizards are sitting in the seventh spot and are somewhat holding on for dear life.

So you have a team (KC) that is in for the moment in the playoffs but with only four games to go this game means more than it should since the Wizards need points to save their butts and their seasons. On the other hand is a club (LA) who is 11 points out with six games to go. What seems like plenty of time to make up 11 points is easier said than done considering how many of those games are on the road and how poorly the Galaxy plays on the road.

Back in July these clubs came to a 2-2 draw in Carson at the Home Depot Center. Cobi Jones had a two goal day while the Wizards found a way to break even with a draw. No Eddie Johnson in that game either for the Wizards.

Right now both clubs have a slew of injuries, more so on the Galaxy part of course. The biggest concern if you are a Wizards fan is to see the shape of Eloy Colombano and Carlos Marinelli. If those two play a full 90 and are productive then expect the Wizards to pull through in this one.

This game really could come down to who’s defense is better. Really some should say it is the Wizards considering the fact that they have Jimmy Conrad and Jose Burciaga Jr. in the back but that hasn’t meant as much as it should. The Wizards have given up a staggering 41 goals this season, second most behind the Galaxy’s 43. The only difference is the Wizards have had a decent enough offense to carry them to where they are right now.

I honestly see the Galaxy pulling through and getting a draw in this one again. I just don’t like the Wizard’s backline, even if this is a home game for them (they are near the bottom of the league in goals against at home). This could be a fun game to watch if the right parties get involved meaning hopefully guys like Eddie Johnson and Landon Donovan put on a good show for us. Either way I see a draw for now.

WVH Prediction: KC 2, LA 2