Updated Remaining Schedules

Updated Remaining Schedules

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 26, 2007

When news is slow it is always a time to look at the schedules for the billionth time and break them down even more than before. Right? Right…so heres to it:

Chicago Fire (4 games)
@ CUSA (9/29); NE (10/6); @ DCU (10/13); LA (10/21)

  • The end is not near for the Fire, two points in last week’s contests but this week is gonna be even tougher with a trip to Chivas-land
  • I honestly see them getting three points against New England right now but then dropping that DCU game on the 13th.
  • I think really the LA game will decide if they will make the playoffs or not…could there be a more obvious prediction than that right now?

Chivas USA (5 games)
CHI (9/29); @ RSL (10/6); @ FCD (10/11); COL (10/14); HOU (10/20)

  • Lots of fun still left, those last two games will actually not let us know if they will be the western champs this season, I think that back-to-back roadie in Salt Lake and Dallas will give us more insight on that really
  • Still sitting pretty though after last week’s victory over KC; can’t have any more brain-farts in games like that game from here out though if they want to reach the MLS Cup
  • Interesting match-up with the Fire this weekend, Chicago is desperate and Chivas (won’t surprise me if) will probably be lazy again…could we possibly see the first home defeat of the season?

Colorado Rapids (4 games)
@ NE (9/29); TFC (10/7); @CUSA (10/14); RSL (10/20)

  • After the being beaten by rivals Real, the Rapids look like a club that won’t even contend for a final playoff spot
  • Still has chances at plenty of points here in the final four games but cannot have performances like last week, I would say they will sneak in with this kind of schedule but that looks bleak at the moment to predict
  • The New England game this weekend could tell us if they are still in the fight or if they have completely given up on the season…and Fernando Claivjo

Columbus Crew (4 games)
LA (9/30); FCD (10/6); @ NE (10/13); @ DC (10/20)

  • That pre-season prediction about the Crew came back alive this past weekend with a win over Toronto.
  • Two big time home games coming up against clubs that they can get points from. Six points are much needed in those two games to stay with Chicago and Kansas City; who both gave some help to Columbus this past week
  • If they can get any points in the final two they will make the playoffs…mark it down

DC United (4 games + Copa-crap)
TFC (9/29); @ KC (10/5); CHI (10/13); CC (10/20)

  • Three home games plus the random series with Chivas of Mexico starting tonight. I really wonder how this will affect this club
  • I like what Tom Soehn is doing with his club these days, resting key players here and there for a half or two to keep the club as fresh as possible for the late run and the playoffs.
  • Still a great possibility to get 12 points in these final games; remember United is unbeaten in the last 10 games right now, that could really go a long way into the playoffs in my eye

FC Dallas (4 games + US Open Cup final on 10/3)
HOU (9/30); @ CC (10/6); CUSA (10/11); KC (10/20)

  • Three home games should help Dallas get out of this late-season funk that they are in. Key word is ‘should’.
  • Probably a draw this weekend with Houston before a slip up in Columbus…but those last two games should (again, should) be six points for the Hoops going into the playoffs and the opening round with Houston
  • The US Open Cup game will really determine a lot in my books for the chances of this club in the playoffs; a win in the Cup could mean a hungry Hoops team but a loss could just mean more of the same slump that we are seeing now

Houston Dynamo (4 games)
@ FCD (9/30); LA (10/7); @ RSL (10/15); @ CUSA (10/20)

  • Easily in the comfort zone right now after a week or two off here.
  • Three road games sounds tough but even though Houston is in it shouldn’t matter in regards to home-field advantage in the playoff’s opening round with Dallas and for their finish in the top four of the league table
  • However, they cannot drop that game at home with LA…that actually in my books is a must win going into those two final road games

Kansas City Wizards (4 games)
LA (9/27); DC (10/5); @ RBNY (10/13); @ FCD (10/20)

  • The old saying goes “shit happens” speaks loudly of the Wizards after that loss at Chivas. Two home games against LA and DC could help out….
  • The final two on the road are must wins but I think by then the Wizards may be in the eighth and final spot and possibly on their way out
  • Yup…I still believe the Wizards will miss out on the playoffs again this season…too many emotional highs and lows for this club this season have really done a number on them…not to mention their defense is awful

Los Angeles (6 games)
@ KC (9/27); @ CC (9/30); @ HOU (10/7); TFC (10/13); RBNY (10/18); @ CHI (10/21)

  • Slim hopes still alive somehow after beating Dallas last weekend. Still, fact remains they have four road games left against playoff contending clubs that all need points
  • The two home games should be wins though…two eastern clubs traveling cross country and two clubs that stink just as bad as the Galaxy do on the road…smells like six points late for the Galaxy
  • Probably by the Houston game the playing for pride will have set in and they will just play and not worry about this season and just move on from it

New England Revolution (4 games + US Open Cup final of 10/3)
COL (9/29); @ CHI (10/6); CC (10/13); @ TFC (10/22)

  • Still has the easiest schedule remaining, more so than New Yorks’ (last week I said it was New York but upon further review it is New England)
  • The Revs need to use this softy-schedule as a confidence builder going into the playoffs…these are four good games to do that
  • Winning the US Open Cup in Dallas will help out a lot in the playoffs for the Revs…its a mini hurdle that they need to jump

Red Bull New York (4 games)
RSL (9/29); @ TFC (10/4); KC (10/13); @ LA (10/18)

  • Still has their heads above water here in the standings…but it seems as though they will limp into the playoffs again this season
  • Soft schedule should help here…keyword again is ‘should’
  • Only real give-me is the Toronto game…I would add LA in there but a cross-country game to finish the season sounds iffy to me at this point

Real Salt Lake (4 games)
@ RBNY (9/29); CUSA (10/6); HOU (10/15); @ COL (10/20)

  • The one club that really is playing the spoiler role to perfection is Real (see Colorado)
  • Could make matters worse for New York if they really want to coming up this weekend…Real is not good enough to reach the playoffs but they certainly know how to make it interesting for those who can
  • They will get points out of their final two home games…probably with Houston again…but it is possible against Chivas too at this point

Toronto FC (5 games)
@ DC (9/29); RBNY (10/4); @ COL (10/7); @ LA (10/13); NE (10/20)

  • They score and they lose…folks its called being an expansion club
  • There has to be at least one more W in this schedule…New York possibly…or even New England
  • Don’t see a road W left but they could get points against Colorado